New Item 4/3/12 and Monthly Member Gift

Hey Jammers!
There is one new item today:

Bahari Bargains (Bahari Bay) *Ocean:

There is also the new MMG which came on April 1st, but for some reason it never got posted. Well anyway, it's a Hot Cocoa Machine for your den.
Here is what it looks like in your den:
Just click it and you can make your own cocoa! This MMG is simmilar to The Claw, which came to Members last year.
Here is the Jam-a-Gram it comes in:
If you are a Nonmember, you should have got this Jam-a-Gram:

I really like the new background for the MMG Jam-a-Grams. The Hot Cocoa Machine can be recycled for 300 gems.

Jam On!

~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author


  1. I like the new background too, the old one was all official looking and less colorful but now, this is the real thing.....


  2. awww,lucky, you got a blue and black tail armor, wish i could have that
    -089u PS sorry for not posting this with my first comment

  3. I actually traded for it, but now Im looking to trade for orange tail armor.

  4. i like the old back ground better, it looked very official as a certificiat.

  5. @geckoguy
    oh.... are orange tail armors are kind rare. and what did you trade it for?


  6. I traded my black tail armore. I actually did the trade with LoveLost.

  7. I traded my black tail armore. I actually did the trade with LoveLost.

  8. @geckoguy

    Hey, I met LoveLost too! Anyways, thanks for replying to me. And by the way, you are awesome!!


  9. This was 1 of my most favorite MMG


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