New Item 4/4/12

Hey Jammers!
Today there is one new item.

Sunken Treasures (Kani Cove) *Ocean
It seems like AJHQ has been adding less items daily than when they first started adding them at random times.

By the way, thank you all for getting us 100,000 hits today! AJC has the 3rd most views of any Animal Jam blog, and I predict that some day we might even have the most!

Jam On!

~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author


  1. hi i just wanted to point out that you missed one thing.
    i think you forgot to add the sephariana forest journey book cheats i have found everything but i just wanted to let you know.

  2. Yeah, Slidoo is supposed to post that. He has been really busy, so I might end up doing it for him.

  3. O my gods! This is my most favorite underwater den item! As many of u many hav noticed, I use an 's' at the end of my "god(s)". Percy Jackson fans will kno y I do that and y I <3 this item! ;)

  4. Omg thatz really cool! <3 it so much! I beat Julian2 haz it

  5. Poseidon has a seal figure now. LOL. XD


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