Jester Hat, Clearance & Golden Eagle

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Hey Jammers! The new item for today is the Jester Hat in Jam Mart Clothing.

I wonder how AJHQ managed to forget to put a "New" badge on there. Anyway, there seems to be many items on clearance now, all over Jamaa.

In Jam Mart Clothing:

In Bahari Bargains:

In Epic Wonders:

Looks like AJHQ is getting rid of Lucky Day and Olympic items. Now that Lucky Day is over, we can start looking forward to the April Fools' Party which should start in about a week. Also, there is a new video AJHQ made about a Golden Eagle:

Isn't it awesome to think the money we spend on Memberships helps save endangered animals?

That's all for now. Remember to enter the Fashion Contest below!



  1. yay, first comment, at least for this animal the money was for a good cause. I like today's item I wish I could get it. Loads of clearance stuff now, wehn are you picking the fashion show winners

  2. <3 This video is really touching, and really makes me feel like I'm contributing to something much bigger than myself because frankly, I am!

  3. Geez, that's a lot of clearance items. Looks like I'll be saving up lots of gems this week. ;b

  4. It was nice for AJ to spread awareness about a FEW endangered animals, but there are many more! Considering what AJ releases for rare monday (Rare shark fin), this is absolutely absurd. With the decision to sell shark fins, they are promoting the act of removing the fin off the shark and dumping its body back into the ocean.

    1. Maybe ppl just wanted shark fins to come out, so ajhq made them, but didn't base them from real shark fins, they made them out of plastic or something, well, "pretend" to make them like that. You get what I mean?


  5. I love the fact people helps animals. Yes, membership money is spent pretty well with Animal Jam HQ, but I sometimes wonder if AJHQ only works at a place, thus only helping the animals in an area?


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