Reset Glitch and AJHQ Homepage Message

Hey Jammers!
Sorry I can't post the new item today, every time I try to log in AJ is offline.

Okay, remember the Member den item glitch I told you about? If not, scroll down and read the post below this before reading this one. Well anyway, now it is happening to almost everyone! And yesterday evening, when I logged in to AJ my account was the way it was about three weeks ago! I didn't have my cream worn blanket, I only had 112 achievements instead of 135, and it said I hadn't logged in for 3 weeks! This is really annoying, especially since I lost a worn blanket. I call this the "Reset Glitch."

Then, just now when I went to the Animal Jam homepage, I got this message:
So apparently they are talking about the "Nonmember but Member Den Item Glitch," as I call it. :P Now of corse, AJHQ can't admit that they messed up, so they accuse the phantoms. That is just sad.

Go check out AJ and tell me if you get this message! Remember to comment!

Jam On!

~Geckoguy, Animal Jam Community Author


  1. it's happening to me too... weird huh? and by the way it is sad they can admit they made a mistake :(

  2. its happening to me, too! ima post this on my blog...

  3. Now I can't log on my computer won't load!

  4. i logged on when it went away, but it won't let me on

  5. i logged on, but it wouldn't load. they shouldn't blame the phantoms!

  6. I got two of those phantoms in the mail....But I can't accept cause I'm nonmember. :(

  7. it happened to me too


  8. haha! ironwulf used to be all famous and now look, she's really down in the dumps now!

  9. It happened to me! It's weird. But if you wanna buddy me, my username is awesomewonders

  10. I can't believe that they won't take the blame 4 this!

  11. I always agree to what you say ArcticStar!


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