Diamond Earrings and More

Hi jammers!
It looks like I've forgotten to post the items that have been released over the past few days! Woops!
Anyways, first up, we have the Diamond Earrings, which can be found at Epic Wonders.
In the Animal Museum, there is a new Giraffe Banner.
In the Mystery Emporium, there is something new... But I've been so inactive lately that I forget where Mystery Emporium is...... :$
Thanks to some Jammers for telling me where Mystery Emporium is! In there, there is a new Giraffe Statue.
In Jam Mart Clothing, Royal Capes are back.
Finally we have today's RIM item! It's in Jam Mart Clothing... Introducing... the Rare Flower Bracelet!
Remember to buy this item QUICKLY before it disappears!

PS: Thanks for starting off this week as AJC's most successful week in history! #18 on Blog Top List, and extremely high hits/unique visitors! Do I smell a party coming soon?


  1. Yeah, the Mystery Emporium is in the Temple of Zios, in the Chamber of Knowledge. Hope that helps, luv ur blog :)

  2. The mystery emporium is in the room in Zios. You go across the room, through the door and through that room. You then continue up the stairs and BAM! There you are! Glad to be of service. - chorus2010

  3. You go into the Zios building and through that room. You go through the door and through the next room. At the end of that room go up the stairs. BAM! There you are. Glad to be of service. - chorus2010

  4. The giraffe is 1 of my favorite animals!

  5. Love the rare flower bracelet! Oh gosh, it's so amazing!!!
    I wish I had one! D:

    1. If you have it please trade me! I want one so badly! D:

  6. Oh wow! So many people G+ it!

    +24371 Recommend this on Google

  7. Im soo fancy I have daimond earings!


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