A Good Way to Make The Oceans More Popular!

Hey guys! It's Penguin here! I am back and ready to make another Saturday post here.
My life has improved over the last few days. School has now gotten much better, and things are looking great for me. I'm really thankful for what's happened to me!
Now, it's time to get into the updates today. There aren't any new items, but two underwater items will soon be leaving stores. You can find them in Bahari Bargains.
Secondly, it's time for the-
Wait a second. Where's the Daily Explorer Update?
There's none. I don't have any idea why. I guess AJHQ just didn't want to, or forgot.
So that leads us into the final part of the post. I've been thinking about the oceans alot lately, and I'd like to quickly show you my favorite underwater clothing items.

These are all cool items- but notice anything similar between them? They're all members only. You see, I bet if AJHQ released better NM underwater items, it'd become more popular. There needs to be more underwater animals and dens, too. If Non-Members can get more underwater features, they'd absolutely love it. And if there was something exclusive to the oceans, that would also increase the popularity of them. I came up with an idea (last July?) that there could be mining for gems and diamonds. What if this feature was released in the oceans? That would definitely help them get more visitors.
That's my idea on how to help the AJ oceans gain popularity. What do you think about it? Comment your thoughts below and I'll see you all next time!

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  1. Very interesting post, Penguin! I agree with all of these. The oceans definitely deserve more attention.


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