Quilted Blankets and Flying Seals

 Greetings, Jammers and Web-Surfers!
 Today's daily new item is the Quilted Blanket. It's a perfect substitute to the old blanket in the Cocoa Hut.
Hmm.. kind of goes with the patched couch from yesterday! Are we seeing a theme here?
Here's a crazy glitch that happened to me in the sky above a Crystal Palace den.
A seal is just floating around in the sky. And even stranger, my buddy doesn't see him on her screen!
Speaking of strange...
Don't ask.


  1. Woah fly seal! Kinda weird and funny

  2. i think it was a eagle, then it switched to seal..

  3. could not have been eagle the seal is a non member -tigergirl ( not saying #'s after)


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