Golden Dragon Mask

Hey guys! Geckoguy posted yesterday, so I will take the job today! :D The new item is:
The Golden Dragon Mask! It looks just like the dragon mask, except it is gold! ;D What do you all think of this item? I know you can't comment, but when Slidoo comes back you can! :D For now, just think about it in your head. Alright? Good. Oh, yes! It can be found on the 1st page of the Epic Wonders Clothing Orb. It is 3,000 gems, members only, and a clothing item. Get a Golden Dragon Mask, now! Have an EPICLY EPIC day!



  1. Can you please put my blog on the blogroll? It is called Animal Jam Nox. ( I post every day, and keep updates.

  2. if you want to friend me my names lilys910

  3. I'm going 2 make a metal dragon costume with this and the golden wings on a croc!


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