Jamaa Journal 9/13/12

Hey Jammers! I am posting the new Jamaa Journal like I said in the last post. Here it is in order from page 1 to page 4:

It is Animal Jam's birthday!! Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to Animal Jam! They are now 2 years old! *Claps claps claps* The monthly member gift for September is a monkey pet. Be sure to become a Merry Member! (That's cool. :P) A new game called Hedge Hog. Awesome! I haven't played it yet, but as soon as I am done typing this, I'm playing. Haha. If you type in the code BIRTHDAYBASH when you log in you get a gift! Yeah! New print and plays in Tierney's Aquarium. NO!!! The Summer Carnival is ending September 26! Boo!! Well then, be sure to get as many items as you can! By next update, the new den from the den contest will be out! Yay Ya! Woah, I wrote a lot... Haha. The new den looks like a mushroom den. Mario!! Haha. For a sneak peak of the den go to Jammer Central. Also, go to Jammer Central to see the Costume Corner: Mythical Giraffe. Well, that's about it. Have an EPICLY EPIC day!

1 comment:

  1. I wish they would've done more costume corners! :(


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