Okay this is a last resort....

In a last try to save this blog, we are having a commenting contest
No spam *metroleafs, I'm looking at you*
Put all your thoughts in one comment unless you come up with something new
First comment on each post wins an item from the prize box: AJcomunityprizebox
I will take results every SATURDAY and top 5 win prizes (top one gets 5 top 2 get 4 etc) I will edit with the prize box's inventory. The username is AJcommunityprizebox and anything that its animals are wearing and stuff in its den are prizes, both animals wear different stuff.
Every 30th of each month, I will add up what I have collected within the month and the winners choose ten small or five big prizes!
Edit: Authors don't count, sorry! It's because they can (but shouldn't) grab prizes and give them away randomly.


  1. Yes, let's save this blog, one of the oldest AJ blogs known! The blog started in the beta days, and it was probably running when I joined AJ originally. I've been reading this blog since 2013. It used to be so much more active! It was the first blog I followed and it inspired me to become a blogger myself.

    I remember an old comment contest back then when I first found this website. People were racking up over a thousand comments. The prizes were a Golden Phantom, RC car, and a few other things I forget. Hopefully this contest becomes as popular as that.

  2. Oh, and I couldn't find any AJ account with the username you gave.


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