All right, we need to get back on track!

This blog has become almost dead. We need to spice it up.
So, authors (and other Jammers who want to come) we are having a meeting!
Where? Ferretlove's den, but we may move around
When? TBA, but please comment a good time/date for you
Why? To prevent AJC from dying
Who? Authors especially, but anyone can come
We may do this once or twice a month, and call it the AJC conference. 
Are you ready? I am sorry that I haven't posted, I have been lazy and busy lately. 
Note to authors: If anyone cannot come, I will copy the chat history at the end and tell you who had which animal name. 


  1. Great, you can come! What's a good time for you?

  2. Why does no one comment on my posts :(

    1. because no one likes your posts lol

    2. No one likes YOU Anonymous. Why?
      Because no one likes an obviously bratty and 5 year old hater lol.


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