Hello Jammers! Welcome back to another Grace2092 post every friday for your entertainment!
I just first want to say.. OCTOBER! I am going to be happy writing this post because I love halloween and fall and all the junk like that so yayyyyy!

Lets get started, today I am going to talk about a review on the updates and some of your opinions, also a fall outfit for non-members that I think is cute. :D

Well the first update was a adventure, witch I think is really cool! I cant wait to try it out! What did you guys think of it? I wonder, I will go try it after this. :)

The second update was... The Epic Haunted Den! (Dun dun dun!!!) I think this den is cute, I have had it for a couple years and they come back every october I think. I love the den it is spooky and mysterious. I used to think that the pictures on the walls eyes moved but I guess they don't anymore or I am just crazy. Either theory works. Do you like the den? Is it too scary or are you more of a rainbow person? I want to know :)

The third update was the Haunted House Party witch I think is super duper cool because I love haunted house decorations. It is so cute and spooky! I love it! What is your favorite decoration at the party to you? Mine is the extra rooms, its super cool :D

Fourth update: Bats! Aww, these cute little flying creatures have come back to Jamaa and the rumor is they are hidden somewhere in the haunted house. Well here is a secret... I know where.... If I recall in my me-mor-y, it is upstairs in the attic when you press somewhere on the window.. But I think that was last year or a couple years ago. Well anyone they redecorated. If you know where to get it please leave down in the comments! Yay!

Fifth update is amusing. They added another icon. Hmm... I think we already have a lot of icons on our screen as it is. Anyway, it is the game icon. I guess it is cool but to my opinion, I think Animal Jam was suppose to be a game that was healthy and about adventures and animals but now they have gone all techno! Everything is computers and lazy. Come on... Anyway please please please leave in the comments what you think. Thanks!

And here is a cute outfit I made for all nonmembers in october! I hope you enjoy!
It only cost 540 gems. It is not too much but it is a cute spooky outfit.
Well I hope you like my post today and have a fantabucheeze week! Stay safe and COMMENT WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO BE FOR HALLOWEEN! I am thinking of being a c
at or sally from the nightmare before christmas, :D!

Contact me at grace2092animaljam@gmail.com
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  1. I love Bitter Sweets! It just might be my favorite adventure on AJ! IDK why, it's just fun to me! :D
    The pictures in the Haunted House den DO move, but only the eyes. But this year we have something a bit different, the den is bigger and has poison-like green goo, a cliff where you can look at the moon, and a basement kinda-like thing. It's really cool, but I just might keep my little normal Haunted House den. :)

    And as for the costume, i'm being Pocahontas this year! I can't wait! I like all the clothes Indians and people like that wear!

    Thanks for another great post Grace! I enjoy these! Bye! :)

    1. Thank you swirlshine :D I am very happy you are participating~

    2. I LOVE bitter sweets too! every halloween people are like i cant wait for candy! but i'm like I can't wait for bitter sweets on animal jam! for my costume, i made up a character that is mysterious, and delivers messages and prophecies and has many powers.

  2. I'm going to be a goddess xD and I <3 fall too C:
    Btw, what does Fantabucheeze mean? Fanta? Cheese? xD, I am not a comedian.xD.

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    1. Again, same spammer. Slidoo, if you're reading this, can you ban him from AJC? Because we do not need spam comments.

  4. I got one, but I HAVE NO IDEA how to post pics in comments
    ~Ferretlove signed into her mom's Google.

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