Jammer Sundae #86

*EDIT: This post has now been updated!

Grrrrreetings Jammers! How's it going? Hope you're doing well!

For me, it's been a pretty long week, but still good otherwise. Anyway, let's get on with the post!

Today in Jamaa we have a returning item: The Mechanical Speaker!

Cool! I've never really liked the mechanical item series. However, if it's your thing- go buy one! Also, the Graham items are leaving by tomorrow - so go pick them up while you still can!

Plans for this week? Hmm... We'll just see where this Sundae goes!

First, whole bunches of nope:

Somebody is up to some mischief:

What a beautiful view!


And now, it's time for the factual part of our post!

Our word of the day:

Aglifft: Frightened or alarmed

Spiders cause me great sensations of aglifft.

Our fact of the day:

Ketchup was used as medicine back in the 1930's.

Gotta get that mustard and medicine on your hotdog! Yummy!

That's all for this week, friends. See you soon!

Send me a lemon at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !

Short post, Party times.

Hey everyone, Aj has pretty stopped working for us. .... 
I'm going to ask my Dad about it tonight, hopefully he can fix it, if not, hopefully the computers fix it themselves. 
If not, we will hardly be able to be on AJ. 
Now, most of you know, I am planing to have a party early August, there is one computer working for AJ right now. 
I am hoping that one lasts for another month. if it doesn't, and my dad can't fix the computers. I might have to cancel the party! D: 
And sense AJ is hardly working, this post will be short. 
I need to ask some of you guys something, in case the party 
Right now, I am planing to have the party, either on August 5th, or August 12th. 
Tell me which day, and time, works best for you. 
Most people, that I have talked to, have answered the 12th in the afternoon. 
SO, so far the party is going to be on the 12th, but still please comment what works better!

Den Beta Giveaway, And 'Follow Your Dreams' Chapter 4!

Me: *Steps on stage behind microphone* *nervously taps microphone*
You guys: Gracie? What are you doing? O.O
Me: *Hears piano start playing*
You guys: What on earth.. WHAT IS THIS?
Me: *Squeaky voice* SIIIIILENT NIIIIIGHT *voice gets worse* HOOOOOLY NIIIIIIGHT *voice just gets worse* ALLLLL IS CAAAAAAAALM-
You guys: *Stands on auditorium seats* GRACIE STOP! IT'S NOT EVEN CHRISTMAS TIME!
Me: *Stops singing* It isn't..?
You guys: It's July 18th..
You guys: It's not April o...o
Me: Oh.
You guys: How can you even sing like that, since just last week you were sick?
Me: I was sick?
You guys: Oh brother. *Walks away*
Me: *Screams into microphone* COME BAAAAACK!!
You guys: *Start walking away faster*


Heh.. I don't know what happened up there.. 

Indeed, last week, I was sick. I had a really bad cold, and I still don't feel 100%, but thankfully now it's just a little cough, and a stuffy nose. Nothing to keep me from posting 😊. Huge thanks to my best friend, Coolcat, for covering me while I was sick! I really appreciate it. I was feeling no where near well enough to post, since I had a low grade fever.

Anywho, let's get going with today's post!


After watching AJHQ's live-stream, where Kate and Snowyclaw gave away a bunch of betas, I thought it would be fun to have a similar event. So, without any further ado, let me tell you all the information you need to know about this giveaway! ^.^


I will be giving away these seven items, one each, to seven people.

All you have to do to get one of these items, is comment down below, JAG me, or meet with me on Animal Jam, stating your username, and status (non-member or member). Though you cannot choose which item you want if you win, you can tell me what item you like, and I'll keep it in consideration to give you that item if you win. 😀

You have from today, until July 24th (Monday), to enter, and I will be announcing the winners next Tuesday, and giving out the prizes!

My Mom will be choosing the winners, but I'll be deciding who gets what prize.

Please be kind when entering, don't use backup accounts to enter, and most importantly, have fun! Don't be discouraged if you don't win. This is all for fun, and to make someones day a little more brighter. 😊

All in all, I believe getting all these items took about 2-3 days.. I began with a rare short pink wristband, then traded that for, I believe three den betas. Then I don't remember what I traded, but I got a robot beta, and traded the robot, and one of the betas I got for the wristband, for yet another wristband, and traded that for 3 betas, so at that moment I had 5 den betas. Then I traded a rare stegosaurus tail for the sewing machine, then I traded candy cane socks for the bubblegum machine.. So uh-
You guys: *Blink blink*

Heh, moving on..

I hope you all have a great time entering!


Now for the weekly chapter of 'Follow Your Dreams'!


Chapter 4

Before I knew it, it was Friday. Today was the day me and my parents were going to the airport, and flying out to Boston. I dragged my filled suitcase out into the living room at the crack of dawn, and leaned it against the wall. I plopped down on the top of the suitcase, and waited for my parents to finish their last minute packing. A few minutes later, they both came out from the master bedroom, both dragging in a suitcase. "Ready?" Mom asked with a smile. I frowned slightly. "Ready as I'll ever be." I mumbled under my breath. As we headed out the door, I realized my phone was ringing. I pulled it out, and realized that my friend Ja was calling. "Hello?" I said, my pace slowing as I headed towards our blue mini van. "Hey, uh- there's been a slight change of plans for the Boston trip.." Ja said with hesitation in her voice. Ja had told me earlier in the week, that Sarah and Ja's parents would drive them up to Boston, but now, I had no idea what was going on. "Why? What's wrong?" I asked nervously. "My parents were going to drive me and Sarah up for JamCon, but we have two flat tires on our car. We looked, and it seems like someone punctured it on purpose, we don't know who though." Ja said with a frown. "Oh gosh. Can you guys get it fix-" I began, but Ja quickly jumped in. "No, not until Monday." Ja said sadly. I felt as if I was about to go into a state of panic. Ja and Sarah were the only blogger's that were going to be able to make it to JamCon, but now they couldn't. My best friend Coolcat said she couldn't make it either, which made me super nervous even then. I sighed deeply. "I really wish you guys could make it. Is there anyway you guys could rent a car, or catch the train or something?" I asked hopefully. "No. We can't make it at all." Ja said, her voice sounding like she was going to cry. "It's alright I suppose. I'll send you and the blogger's pictures." I said with a slight smile. "Okay. Hope everything goes well, Gracie. Talk to you when you get back." Ja said, smiling. "Bye!" I said, hanging up. My parents had already put the suitcases in the car, so all that was left to do, was to head to the airport. I climbed into the mini van seat, and secured the car strap around me. As we head down the road, I silently prayed. "Lord, please let everything go good at JamCon, and please let one of my friends make it.. Somehow, someway. Amen.
The plane trip went well, and everything seemed to be going okay. I dropped my suitcase on the floor next to the large queen sized bed. We were staying at the Kimpton Nine Zero Hotel, just like me and the YouTubers did when I came to Boston the first time. "We should probably go to bed early. We have a busy day in front of us." Mom said, as she stepped out of the bathroom, with her pajamas on. I looked at the time, and saw it was 10:30 PM. "Yeah, that'd probably be good." Dad agreed. I nodded. With that, we all prayed, and turned in for the night. There was no question about it, it was going to be a busy day tomorrow, and I was dreading it.


What do you think is going to happen next? Will one of blogger's show up after all? Be sure to comment your guesses down below!


Here's this weeks Bible verse!

2 Corinthians 5:14-15

Either way, Christ's love controls us. Since we believe that Christ died for all, we also believe that we have all died to our old life. 15 He died for everyone so that those who receive his new life will no longer live for themselves. Instead, they will live for Christ, who died and was raised for them.

Remember, God made YOU!

Stay positive, be yourself, and spread God's Word everyday!

P.S. Sorry this blog post is so late! Me and my parents went out to lunch with my brother and sister-in-law, then we did some grocery shopping. The grocery shopping trip is a blog post in itself.. O.o Let's just say, I embarrassed myself like twice. Ehehe..

Rare Item Monday! + Recycle Challenge! (Epic Fail)

Hey, Jammer's! Its CoolCat here with another post! Before we get onto this weeks Rare Item Monday, I would like to share my results of the recycle challenge!

I failed big time. I didn't even reach 20,000 gems. It turns out to be a lot harder then it looks like! But it did help me get rid of extra items, and to get extra gems!

 I recycled 23 clothing items and got 13,345 gems in return. And then I recycled 15 den items and I got 2,250 gems in return. I would say that is an epic fail!

How did you do? Did you get over 20,000 gems? Did you get over 50,000 gems? Let me know down below in the comments!

Now onto this weeks Rare Item Monday!

This weeks Rare Item Monday is the Rare Nunchucks!

This weeks Rare Item Monday is surprisingly in Coral Canyons Epic Wonders. It can be found on the fourth page in the clothing store. It is for sale for 4,500 gems and it is members only. The colors of this item is purple, red, and green.


I am honestly not a big fan of this weeks RIM, and the colors are just off for me. Although I like the concept, I think its the random colors and the prices that do it for me.  I guess it could be used to role play in the forest, but good luck trying to make a warrior outfit with it. Its going to be priced at 4,500 gems and have random colors? No thanks. Non members, you aren't missing out!

Overall I give this weeks Rare Item Monday a 4. Comment what you think!

As always, bye Jammer's! And ~Jam On!~

Jammer Sundae #85

85 Jammer Sundaes already? That's crazy man! Give it a couple more months and we'll hit 100!

Hey Jammers, Arctic here! This post is a tad bit later than usual... or is it early? I really can't tell at the moment. Anyway, this post is a bit off schedule - sorry about that!

Today, we have two returning items in Jamaa - the Mechanical Dragon Egg and the Pillbox Hat!

Eek! I love the little baby dragon inside of the egg! Hi there little dude! *dragon starts breathing lemons* AAH, NO WAIT STOP! *continues getting pelted by lemons*

Anyway, the pillbox hat is also a returning item. I always thought the feathers on the end looked sorta like bananas. Is that just me? 

In other news, the Beta party is leaving very soon! Go check one out if you haven't already! Personally, I prefer the items from last year, but the party itself is still pretty fun. Grab some buddies and go have a blast from the past!

And now, it's time for today's Jammer Sundae!

We'll just see where this goes!

A camel looks VERY out of proportion without a neck:


This guy isn't taking nonsense from anyone:


Heh heh, this one's for you Ja!

This takes guilting to a whole new level:

That's all for this Sundae!

Our word of the day:

Flibbertigibbet: Someone who is extremely talkative.

Cool word!

Our fact of the day:

The average person spends 38 days of their life brushing their teeth.

Huh. Guess that all really adds up!

That's all for today folks, see you soon!

Send me a lemon at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !

Mechanical Dragon, Stereotypical Jamaa Township and Jammer Central Hidden Words

Hey guys! It's Penguin and I'm back for another update post. I jut recently found out I'm going on vacation in August, and I was busy starting to pack yesterday. Let's get into the updates now! The new item is in Jam mart Furniture.
Secondly, when I was in Jamaa Township, I believe I spotted the most stereotypical crowd.
Everyone here is saying common phrases seen everywhere. It's just kinda funny to me. Finally, on Jammer Central, there are some really weird words. I've seen them before, but never mentioned them. They're written in an unknown language, though. Do you think this is more "Jamaasian Language"?
I'm going to go now, but I'll be back in my next post. Bye!

Recent News + Short Story (Part 1)

     Oh my gosh, I don't know what happened to me. After deciding whether I should leave or stay, I have come up to the conclusion to stay here. School has been a pain, but now I have solved that problem!

- - - - -

But, let's not talk about it. I have some Animal Jam news to share!

I don't know if this had been posted, but we have the new Beta Party! I feel like this party was here on Animal Jam before, but it's kinda good to have a coming back party!

The Beta Party will only be in this weekend only! So check it out, but first - I have done an interview with my friend about the Beta Party.

Me: What do you think about the Beta Party?

Blossom: It's a waste

Me: Why do you think so?

Blossom: I don't know why AJ is even bringing back the party, especially with things that aren't even beta. It's a useless party to all Jammers there's basically no point for the party ://

Me: Okay, so in your opinion, what do you think AJ should add/ implement that's better than the Beta Party?

* here come my friend *

Kinq: not the beta party lmAO

Kinq: a......... better party! AHAHAHAHA

Kinq: it sounds the same but it's a diff word ba dum tishhh

* another friend pops out *

Rua: Pff, for that question. More ways to customize your animal, more name choices, more parties, more spots, secrets(?)

Okay, we all got it now -  onto the next one!

- - - - -

We have a cool new item in stores! (also mentioning the flower cape) This one seriously resembles Twilight Sparkle! - my little pony theme song -

- tracks stops mid way -

Sorry there.

This one only cost 900 gems, in different variety of colors!

If only this was non-member :')

Not to forget, we also have some new items in the den shop as well!

These items look sick, great for summery themed dens to be honest! And what's good about it is that they are cheap!


Lastly, we have Mira's Pendant on the diamond shop only for 1 diamond! But..... * sees the member lock * it's.. for.. members...

- - - - -

Since I covered a lot of the recent news in Animal Jam, I have here a story I uploaded on AJ Amino! 

 Unexpected Visit, Old Friend
(Part 1)
Even until this day, I have made more troubles than what I intend to. Now, I am facing a great thing - that I should have paid respect and gratitude..
There is a new war starting in Jamaa, all Jammers were afraid, so they started to pack and leave for safety early as possible.
The Alphas had been working their paws out to make up the perfect plan to go against the Phantoms. They had been doing research on a recently caught Phantom outside of Jamaa, and what they found out would change everything.
"Dear Phantoms, after our many failed attempts of attacking and raiding Jamaa; I, the Phantom King had invented a new technology!" bellowed the Phantom King to his soldiers listening from below, he ordered a certain Phantom and out came their newest technology.
That "newest technology" the Phantom King had talked about and planned on so many months was a simple tube - connected to some sort of chemical. The chemical was green, but every after 5 minutes it would change color to red, blue, purple, black, and white.
What they don't know - including the Phantom King himself that those colors meant something, something historical.
"This, my dear Phantoms, is what you call the Regenerator! It will give you many powers, powers that can swipe a whole kingdom away!" He gave out a menacing laugh, this was too exciting for him. As the King, he wants to get the powers first - well, most of it. He wants to show that he can fight and win this upcoming war.
The Phantoms murmured and discussed the machine, fortunately to the King; they all agreed it would be a good idea.
"But how are we so sure it would work?"
The king's trance stopped by those words. Are his soldiers doubting him? What about those agreements they took on?
"Silence! It does work! It does!" He screamed practically making a huge gust of wind because of his enormous size; it almost blew all his soldiers off.
"S-sorry si-sire."
But meters away from that chaotic kingdom out came a female wolf named Faun. She was a soldier of Jamaa, right now in duty for Phantoms. Ever since the discovery of the Alphas, she has doubted them that things are going to end soon.
Her family cried for her name, cried to come back - but she-she wants to protect Jamaa; for her family, and for a second there she thought it was worth to do so.
That thought threatened to spill tears, but she won't let herself down. If she thinks it is worth it, then let her make it be.
Her duty stops after 1 more hour, and she hasn't found any single Phantom yet. Greely had said that a wave of Phantoms are going to attack and that their might be some scouts wandering. But, there is none.
Sighing, she turned around; maybe ditching for a few minutes would be alright - I mean there was no sign of any Phantoms?
Until.. A spark was heard. On instinct she took out her metal sword, making a hard and yet smooth sound. "Who goes there?" Faun yelled, but no answer - but a spark instead. The bushes ruffled, and inside was a Phantom, no; inside was a full wave of Phantoms.

- - - - -

Thank you for reaching the end everyone! See you all next Friday! 

Jamaa Journal Vo. 202.2 Wild Weekand!

Hey Jammers! I'm sorry for the late post, the reason why it is late is because: In the morning, for our school, me and my siblings weeded the garden, once we were done with that, we got to go swimming in the river!
Which was super duper fun :D Then once we were done swimming, we took showers/baths, ate lunch, then we went to the library, and I got a cool notebook, m&ms and some weird sticker things with my Book Bucks, because there is an event at my library where basically if you read 15 minutes a day (It started in June) for ever 3 days (I think it was 3 days) you would receive a Book Buck! Which you can use to buy little trinkets such as balloons, erasers, pencils, candy, little plastic (or rubber) frogs and snacks, squirt guns, stuff like that :D
And there was candy of course, in August there is a "Reading Carnival" which is really fun and you use your Book Bucks to enter games and win prizes (There is always a bouncy house too :D) Sooo yeah! It was fun :P And then after that, we got home, had to clean up because a person was coming to take a bed, so I spent like 2 hours cleaning XD Once I was done, Animal Jam wasn't working so I played Minecraft with my siblings, then we went to a soft ball game at 5:00, and I just got home from that, like 15 minutes ago, so my day has been eventful :P
Today, is another Wild Weekend!

<-- From the Daily Explorer :P
Beta party is back! The party hasn't changed but the items have..
Phto Credit Animal Jam Whip
Photo credt Animal Jam Whip
I hate that fence sooo much, I brought a lot of it,  because I thought it looked amazing! But you can't rotate it, which makes me sooo mad!  GRRR AJHQ

Welllll that is all for now, sorry for the short post guys :P Its really late, and  I want to play Animal Jam (Or minecraft) Byeee!


Animal Jam Artists Collaborative, Random Animal Jam Pictures

Greetings everyone, today I will sharing some memories with ya'll.
People do this every once and a while to kinda clear out old pictures and things. And that's kinda what I'm doing. XD

This was for I think last years Fez day, and this was my entry. 

Wired glitch. XD 

National Geographic magazines in the Chamber of knowledge 

I finished this yesterday for Crazcatlover. :D
If anyone wants a ----gle, comment below, what you want your name to be. :)

When my plushie den  featured on the AJ Whip. :P
It's highlighted bc I was showing it to my mom. lol

Da fishy on Tierney's Aquarium. :P

Uhhh Coral Canyon picture from vacation? XD

o,o Idk who this is, but this, is a random picture I found in the aj picture files. 
I think this is just edited, but this is is still weird. 

Pictures from my book. That I entered for Gracies story contest. 

I think I was taking a picture of the arctic fox carving?

Omg I remember this! 
For everyone else, they were in the ice den, for me, I was in the Masterpiece den! And I could move around and stuff, and I could see all the den items in really weird places! LOL

Um this isn't AJ, but It was on this computer. XD 
A Gingerbread house we did last year! 
it was really fun to do. I will not show the other side, bc Tox did that side, and it looks HORRIBLE. 
He ruined it! :(

And that is all for pictures! 
Omg on this computer I found some SUPER DUPER CUTE PICTURES OF BOOOOO
I wish SO bad I could show you guys!!! D: 

Now, before I go, I want to announce that Crazcatlover, just made a new blog named 

And she is looking for new authors, and you could be one of them, so check it out! 

*Husky Ninja

Recycle Challenge!

Hey, Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! Gracie is sick today so she asked me to fill in for her today, which I was happy to do! Since this was short noticed, I didn't really have a idea, so I was just walking around Animal Jam looking for an idea. After walking around for a bit I noticed I was short on gems, then an idea hit me! Why don't I do the recycle challenge! If you would like to take part, here are the rules, and how to play!

How to play:

You recycle all of your unwanted clothing and den items, then see how many gems you get back!
The goal is to have the most gems after you are finished recycling!

 I will be setting the top goal at 50,000 gems.   25,000 gems for clothing items ,and 25,000 gems for den items. Do you think you can do it?

 I also want to say that this is just a challenge.  There will be no prize given for the person who hits the 50,000 goal, or the person with the most gems at the end, so just have fun with it!


You can recycle anything in your inventory that's unwanted!

You can recycle 50,000 gems worth of items.  Even if its not an even split between clothing and den items that's alright!!

Even if you don't hit the 50,000 mark, that's alright!

Here is todays verse!

Psalm 66:17 NLT

For I cried out to him for help, praising him as I spoke.

Comment down below how many gems you got!! I will be posting my score next Monday. I would do it now but for some reason Animal Jam isn't working for me right now, I can't log back on.

As always, bye Jammer's! And ~Jam On!~

Rare Item Monday!

Hey, Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! Its Monday, so you know what that means! Its time for this weeks Rare Item Monday! Lets get started!

This weeks Rare Item Monday is the Rare Pearl Bracelet!

It is located in Jamaa Townships Jam-Mart Clothing.
 It can be found on the 11th page in the clothing store.
 It is for sale for 900 gems and it is members only.
 The color of this bracelet is gold.


I think this is a very nice RIM! It is a very pretty color, and is just a great item! Its always nice when AJHQ adds a piece of jewelry to the shop. I think the price is still a little bit high, but not that bad! I think the only downside is really it being members only.

Overall I rate this weeks Rare Pearl Bracelet a 9.5!

Comment down below what you think!

As always, bye Jammer's! And ~Jam On!~

Jammer Sundae #84

EDIT: This post as now been updated to include the daily item!

*peeks in*
*scuttles away*

You guys: HEY, WE SAW YOU!
Me: Shhhh~ you saw nothing! *continues to sneak away*
You guys: *grabbing me* WE CAUGHT YOU. GET UP AND POST!

That was... Something. Anyway...

Hey Jammers! How are you? 

It's been crazy hot here lately. So hot, in fact, that a can of shaving cream almost exploded in my house. It was terrifying! I opened up the door, and there it is - swelling and hissing and bubbling and gaining size! And then - okay, so this isn't relevant to the post. Sorry about that guys - I think you get the point!

Today we have a returning item in stores. Behold, the giant magnet! I'm not quite sure what you could use this for, but I'm pretty sure that there are loads of creative uses for it if you think about it!

Also, a quick reminder! Today is the LAST DAY to get all your panda items before they go out of stores, so go pick those up as soon as you can!

And now, it is time for the Jammer Sundae:

What to do~ Hmm... How about we just see how this goes?

Hehehehe, puns:

Sometimes art doesn't come out exactly the way we want it to:


Aha~ so cute!

The resemblance is actually quite close!

That's all for this Jammer Sundae! And now for the factual part of the post:

Our word of the day:

Incendiary: Flammable

Now, I don't know when you guys would ever use this... but it's a pretty fancy word!

Our fact of the day:

Chewing gum while you cut onions can help keep you from crying.

I'm not sure if this is true... Anyone wanna fact check it?

That's all for this week, my friends! See you later!

Send me a lemon at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !
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