Adorable Ghost Balloons!

Greetings, Jammers, Arcticstar here! Welcome to yet another post!

Today in the land of Jamaa, we have another returning item. Introducing, the Ghost Balloon! I love this item. It is very well designed- I find it very adorable. The colour options are great, as the change the colour of the eyes. As a twist, the last two change the entire colour of the ghost, and they look like the Red and Blue pac-man ghosts! Overall, this is an excellent item for the Night of the Phantoms season, and I look forward to seeing this little guys all around Jamaa in the next few weeks! Be sure to buy one of these for 350 gems in Jam Mart Clothing!

And now, it is time for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day: 

Wyvern: A winged, two-legged dragon with a barbed tail.

What a beautifully descriptive word!

Our fact of the day:

The longest National Anthem in the world belongs to Greece, with 158 stanzas total!

That is crazy!

Have a wonderful day, Jammers!

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