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Hello Jammers! 
Welcome back to another Grace2092 post every Friday for your entertainment! (yay)

Well, as FerretLove kindly posted Jamma Journal's update yesterday, I will ask you all a few questions :D

1. We have brought to Jamaa, Pet Bee's! I personally think this is really cool because bumble bee's are just so darn cute and to have them on Animal Jam is amazing.

2. Den Contest! This is my favorite part of the month though sometimes I wish they did not do it because I liked it when they used to just put out regular things (random). It was funner. But, we get to vote from Glitchy Gear, Movie Theater or Steampunk Parlor. Well, I think they all are unique and extraordinary! I voted for the Movie Theater, what did you vote for? Make sure to leave it down in the comments :)

3. I almost screamed on this one... Beta Party! Last year I did not make it because I was taking an Animal Jam break (at the time I did not have a computer). Well I am so glad that we have this party because, every new, and old, jammer needs to have a month or two to remember the Beta Days on Animal Jam :D

4. Snow Leopards are coming back to Jamaa! Yay! I love the Snow Leopards, I have one myself. They are elegant and endangered creatures. Their eyes are magnificent! Leave down in the comments if you have a Snow Leopard and any facts you know!
Also I think the video they posted is adorable and cute. It teaches kids to share, and it helps others when you do.

Well thats pretty much enough of that. All I did was just a little warm up or as you might say, reminder. Of what FerretLove updated you guys with yesterday. Now its my special thing I do (opinions)!

1, Pet Bee's! Do you think that new pets are cute, or do you find them unattractive and that AJHQ could of done better?

2. Den Contest! Witch den theme did you pick? Did you like any of them?

3. Beta Party! Do you like the Beta Party? Or do you think that Animal Jam should not remind new jammers of what Animal Jam used to be like? That they should have joined earlier and saw for themselves?

4. Snow Leopards! Are you happy that these beautiful creatures are coming back to Jamaa? I am. And any facts you know about them!

Well thank you so much for reading my post. It actually means a lot to me that I can keep you up to date with Animal Jam! Please leave in the comments below and answer all those opinions that are being questioned. Have a fantastic day! Keep Jamming!

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  1. Replies
    1. I did not want to wake up at 5 in the morning to do this because some people live in Canada and thats a three hour time difference. So i for those who do live there, I did not want to late post. Lol, sorry if this is too long. Keep Jamming!

    2. I live in Canada and it's ok. As long as the blog is not dead then we will still be ok! :P


  2. I love snow leopards. They were my first ever Animal Jam animal as a member. :-)

  3. Great post, Grace!

    I voted for the Steampunk den item set, because I thought it looked quite interesting. I would have voted for the movie set too, but you can only vote for one!

    In the Jamaa Journal page about Snow Leopards, did you notice that the tail on the Snow Leopard art is missing?

    - Arctic

  4. I think the pet bees are actually pretty cute! I'm not a fan of bugs, but these are adorable! I voted for Glitchy Gear (Idk why it's 'glitchy') because the pretty colors and it is see-through-ish, I like that! And I LOVE the Beta Party!! My favorite party ever! I only wish that those dens were still available... And as for snow leopards, I LOVE THEM! Beautiful animals! I'm happy they are returning!

  5. I voted for the Steampunk Parlor. It fits AJ's title more than the others. It just reminds me of some of Earth's history when we first discovered industrialization (the Industrial Revolution I believe). I hope it wins! But I'm also hoping for the Movie Theater! But not the Glitchy Gear, it's just..... too much.


    1. I completely agree with your thoughts on the den items. I think that is why I chose the Steam Punk Parlour as well!


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