Rare Items and Jammer Sundae (monday)!

Greetings! I have excellent news; My Internet seems to want to work for me now, so I can keep up with my regular quality of posts! Let's get going, shall we?

 Today in the Land of Jamaa, we have a new Rare Item. I wonder what AJHQ has made for us this week! Let's see... Aha! Sold for 800 gems in the Conservation Museum we have the Rare Bunny Hat! This item has an interesting colour choice. AJHQ has been loyally sticking with the purple and blue theme lately, so this one is blue-green with purple. Hey, look! This item is non-member! We have not had a rare for all Jammers in many weeks, so good on you for that AJHQ! Be sure to buy one of these today, as it will only be here for a limited time!

 AJHQ has also written a post about the item, which you can view here. Has AJHQ been doing their rare art like this lately? I haven't checked the Daily Explorer in quite some time, and I find it strange that the image is simply of the item, especially since it's so small!

The Conversation:

"Hey, Joe! What animal should we use this week?"
"We've already used them all up... Just put a picture of the item on there."
"But Joe, wouldn't that be a bit too simple?"
"Just do as I say, Larry!"

I missed yesterday's Jammer Sundae due to connection issues. Now that my internet is working properly, I shall do a Jammer Sundae for this week. I have gotten requests for one, so here it is!

How about this week. we do silly animal photobombs? I originally planned to do a different type of Sundae, but that will be done next week!

What would have been a lovely day at the beach has gone quite sour:

This sloth who clearly wanted to be the star of the show:

Am... Am I interrupting something? Oh dear...




That's all for this week, folks! Sorry about having to postpone this Sundae!

 Now, it is time for the factual part of this post:

 Our word of the day:

 Hobnob: to socialize 

 What a quirky word! This particular word comes from older English. It is a shame that many great words are fading away from our language. Luckily, we can always take some time to re-discover them here!

 Our fact of the day:

 Just like your skin, your tongue sheds itself! 

 Both your outer skin and your tongue regenerate themselves? How interesting! 

Happy Jamming!

Feel free to contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !


  1. The picture of the item is still better than I could have drawn, haha. Also it seems to be a problem for lots of people.. internet connection complains are everywhere. I follow like 80 blogs and there was a day when NOBODY posted, then around 30 came back and complained of internet issues. Huh..

    1. Haha, I couldn't have drawn better either!

      Really? That many internet issues? How peculiar...

      - Arctic

  2. Haha, actually, I don't think they used llamas yet! I wondered why it was so simple too...

    HAHA, those pictures are too funny! I LOVE the giraffe!!! XDD!

    1. Haven't they? Hmm... I do still think it was very tiny XD

      I have to say the giraffe is very funny, though the walrus is my favourite!

      - Arctic

  3. I've been looking for the Monday rare yesterday. But I knew it was going to be another boring recoloured item. So I just logged off...

    Those photobombs! I really like the sloth and the giraffe the best since they're making faces for the camera! While the walrus is just there as if there's nothing going on. But that shark photo. It looks like that it will eat somebody. I really don't know if the shark was photoshopped but that photobomb is kinda funny! :P


    1. I like the sloth and giraffe too, although personally, my favourite is the walrus *^^*

      I would be scared out of my mind if I was in the shark one!

      - Arctic

  4. thanks for doing the Jammer Sundae! And also why did you need to tell me that my tongue sheds itself,gross.
    PS:my internet also broke yesterday just later :)

    1. You're quite welcome, thanks for keeping me on schedule!

      Heehee. There are many types of knowledge. Some are useful, others are not. Some are interesting, others are boring, but many are just plain strange!

      - Arctic



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