Jamaa Journal VOL. 153 Graham's Workshop

Hello Jammers! Welcome back to another post! Animal Jam has been late on their updates lately, so I apologize with the late post! Without further ado, here is the new Jamaa Journal!

First Page:

As you can see here on the first page, AJ presented us with a new adventure! Once again though, this is big multiplayer adventure. I really wish AJ would make a regular adventure. But, it's great if you have more then four friends!

Second Page:

If you haven't heard yet, PlayWild is released! I really love how it's 3D. As Ferret said though, it's quite laggy and glitchy. However, I find it weird how the beta testers (with Andriod Tablets I believe) can't even play the whole version of the app, because it's only released in the AppStore. Hm.

Third Page:

The third page contains the announcement of a new party, and returning Snow Leopards! Ugh, school is coming too soon! Although I love to learn, it can be very stressful! When does school start for you? Or have you already started school? 

Fourth Page:

And, probably the most exciting news, a Lynx will be the next new animal! Hopefully this animal will come out next update. It looks like it will be about the size of a tiger. 

Fifth Page:

Finally, the achievements have been updated! Now it's easier then ever to get an achievement. Click on any achievement (grey or colorful) and it tells you how to get it!

Sixth Page:

The last page talks about a new "Wild Explorers" episode. I find these to be so adorable to watch. Last but not least, Pet Honeybees will be leaving in the next update as well! Make sure to get one. :)

And that's all for today Jammers! What did you think of the update? I rate this a 4/5.
See you Saturday!


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