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Today we will be disgusing about the new update in the Jamaa Journal*facts*opinions*

Well, first off, Grahams workshop! I think this is cute and it brings back the nature to Animal Jam, Animal Jam has become more of an electronic theme then the nature theme it is suppose to be. So I say this is a good fresh start! What do you think? 

Next on our list is.. Play Wild App. Now, this just wrecked the entire nature theme thing. lol. I think this is a great way for kids to keep in touch with Animal Jam without a computer and just using a smart phone. But then again I think AJHQ is going a  little too far with the electronic devices.

I am having some technical difficulties writing this so I am just going to skip to the end. We are having a cute new cat friend/pet coming and I think, by the picture it is going to be the cutest thing. Snow leapords are back and that is amazing. Last but not least, we are having a school party witch is a cute and smart theme. 

Well thank you for reading my post and sorry it was so short, I hope to make next weeks post longer and with a lot more detail. I hope you all can leave your opinions about everything in the comment section below. I Love you all! Keep jamming and be safe.

Question of the day: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

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  1. First comment! Yay! :)

    I think Graham's Workshop is great too! I love how you collect things like you woul IRL, like how you pan for gold and silver, and cut wheat.

    I love Play Wild, but I kinda agree with you as well. Still, the graphics are AMAZING from what I hear! Plus, they include facts around Jamaa about real animals!

    The new cats are called lynx cats. SO ADORABLE, in real life AND AJ!
    Nice post today Grace! I love writing opinions! Jam On!

  2. Great post, I love your opinions!

    I would probably travel to Europe if I had the choice. Or maybe just stay in my country XD Nothing quite matches the comfort of a Stay-cation!

    - Arctic

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