Kitty Plushie and Leaving Fedora

Hello Jammers! I apologize for the super late post! I was having internet issues, and it was a big mess. Anyways, let's start the post!

Today's new item is the Kitty Plushie, found in the Summer Carnival. Although these plushies are adorable, they are a little too small. Do you buy them?

Also, the Fedora hat in Jam-Mart Clothing is leaving in 3 days! They most likely won't be back until mid-Fall or early Spring!

Over at the Daily Explorer, they announce a winner for the News Crew assignment!

The next theme will be "Arctic Environments", sounds interesting! Click here to read the article!

And that's all for today Jammers! See you Saturday! (hopefully)


  1. Nice post, Mldriver! Ah, internet issues.

    Arctic Environments? Heh, heh. Sounds like my den XD

    - Arctic

  2. I collect mini plushies actually. Nice post as usual (;


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