Beret and Jammer Sundae #42!

Greetings, and welcome to a new post! I have a special post in store for you, so get ready!

Today's item can be found in Jam Mart Clothing. This returning item is great for many different clothing designs, and is a favourite among members; welcome back the beret! This head item costs 300 gems, and is an overall well designed item. I remember this was part of my very first outfit on Animal Jam when I became a member! Be sure to buy one of these today, as these are great items!

And now it is time for:

This week, I think I might do more Animal Fails. Next week I have a slightly different type of Jammer Sundae in mind, so be ready for that!

Come to think of it, this is how the game "Sssnake" would work in real life:
"Hey, man what's going on?!"
"Mission failed. STOP THE MISSION!!"

My goodness, my poor poor animals!

And now, it is time for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:

Ooidal: Egg shaped.

Such a silly and useful word!

Our fact of the day:

Apparently, some bugs taste ridiculously similar to chicken.

Even if it tastes like chicken, I don't think I'm down for trying one anytime soon!

Happy Jamming!

Feel free to contact me at !


  1. Hmm good post. Is the bunny and penguin your storage?
    ~Ferret signed into her mom's Google.

    1. Nope, the bunny and penguin are me! Unfortunately, my membership just expired yesterday, so I had to use these guys instead of Pouncing and Little (my fox and owl) who I usually use to make silly little comedy sketches.

      - Arctic

    2. There's nothing to be sorry about Ferret *^^*

      - Arctic

  2. Replies
    1. Oi, work will you computer? The above comment was meant to be in reply to swirlshine >.<


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