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Ferretlove here! The new post type is... ***drumroll please*** Where's it from in Tunnel Town? Today's is below. Email me your answer at! The first one gets a fun prize! Today's Tunnel Town Thursday (another word for Where's it from in Tunnel Town?) Is a Mechanical Dragon Egg, your color choice! You'll get your prize at the party (June Second). If you aren't a member, grab a 45 gem necklace and put it on your trade list. Be sure to come so you get your prize!
Jam on Jammers ☺,
👑 👗 👑 👗 👑 👗 👑 Ferretlove36036 👑 👗 👑 👗 👑 👗 👑


  1. umm its like on the area of ground on like the second or third layer of soil. Where the white crystals are, and you can dig over them and then your bunny can literally drill in the crystals to get gems i think. - the username's tacomuffindude


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