Hello all!
I am Grace2092 and I will be posting for Animal Jam Community now,
I just wanted to introduce myself, I have wrote a couple of segments threw
ArcticStar, and thats how she and Sildoo kindly got me here. Thank you guys very much.
I will probably be doing some Contest and what nots but for right now, I think I will take it very slow. I hope you like what I post and get to know me very well. Here are a couple things I think are appropriate to know, I have been playing Animal Jam for five years, I am in junior high and I love writing, drawing and animation. Once again, I hope you enjoy everything and thank you all!



  1. Grace! So glad to "see" you!!!

  2. Welcome to the AJC Grace! Happy that you are posting! Jam on!

  3. Congratulations Grace!



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