Jamaa Journal - Whats New!

Hello Jammers!

So I noticed no one yet has posted whats new in the Jamaa Journal so I thought this would be a great opportunity for me!

The new word thats been going around are a lot of really cool things. Summer is in progress and everyone wants to have a good time, virtuality and reality! Lets get started!

1. The Summer Carnival has come to Jamaa again for Jammers to top off the end of the school year with cotton candy and fun games to play while relaxing at home. Go to the Carnival by clicking on multiple things and play many games to win tickets and buy awesome exclusive prizes that come once a year!
2. Appondale Theater!
Now there is an amazing Theater in Appondale so everyone can enjoy very nice animation that AJHQ workers make! These animations get posted every now and then but now, you can see all the animations that AJHQ made right in Appondale! I think it makes Appondale a little more fun! It needed a little juicy kick.
3. Otters are Traveling and a new Animal has been introduced but kept anonymous! Sadly, otters are traveling but I think will come back in a about six months. I will miss them though I never had one because I just did not thing it suited me (thats my opinion sorry if I offended in any way) But, a new animal is coming and is kept anon unless you can find a picture of it in Jamaa?.. Well I do not know if they were for real on that but comment down below what new animal you think is coming  to the Diamond Shop!

Well thats pretty much all for now! It is pretty cool stuff and do not forget, comment in the comment section down below of what the new animal is coming to Jamaa and your favorite animal! Thanks for reading my post and "Keep Jamming"



  1. It's a llama! Those have been leaked for a while. You can find it at Coral Canyons Pathway, where the deer used to be.

  2. there was a goat tooo 2 or 1 year ago. llamas and then goats OMG :OO

  3. Actually, someone revealed that the leaked goat pic was a deviantart edited picture. So goats will not be coming to Jamaa :(
    Anyway, Ferretlove is right, the animal Is a llama! Jam on Jammers, that is gonna be all from me today on here!

  4. We all know it's a llama. You will have to find the image but I found it anyways so YES! I knew llamas will come because of the leaked photo that appeared like a month ago! Also, no, goats won't be coming to Jamaa (sadly). Like someone said above, it was just a Deviant artist making an animal in AJ style. But llamas DO look like goats but more fluffy and taller! :D


  5. I'm so excited for the llamas! I just hope they arrive before my membership expires!


  6. there is a picture in canyons pathway, specifically in the up right corner of the screen beside the door leading to coral canyons.


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