Charm Bracelet and Jammer Sundae #31!

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Greetings Jammers, Arcticstar here! Welcome to a new post - a Jammer Sundae at that!

Today, we have a new item: The Charm Bracelet! This is a rather cute item, I think. The bracelet has the faces of the Shamans (alphas) attached to it! It is, a little bit creepy, though. Perhaps AJHQ should have made it look more like silver rather than white. Be sure to buy this item today for 600 gems in Jam Mart Clothing!

And now, it is time for:

And this week, I thought, why not do a "relatable moments" Jammer Sundae?

Let's get to it!

That feeling. The moment someone tells you that you look tired:
And the feeling you get when someone gives you a gift you always wanted:
After a long day:

What is this madness?!

So, which did you think was most relatable?

Now, for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:

Oneiric: Related to dreams.

What an interesting and rather surreal word!

Our fact of the day:

Peanuts are an ingredient in dynamite.

Would that make people allergic to peanuts allergic to dynamite too?

Happy Jamming!

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  1. Lol! All those animals in the captions/GIFs remind me of.....well....ME! Especially the last two.



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