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Greetings Jammers, Arcticstar here. Welcome to a new post!

Today, we have a returning item coming to us! Sold in Bahari Bargains for 300 gems, I bring you the Trident! Wow, we have been having quite a few underwater items returning to us lately; we have also had many returning items in general! This item has great colour changes, does not look too wonky on any animals, generally has a good design, and is not too expensive! Not a bad item overall! Be sure to buy this item today if you like it!

Now, for the factual part of this post!

Our word of the day:

Defenestration: The act of throwing someone out a window.

There's a word for this?! Big thank you to Brooke G. for suggesting this word!

Our fact of the day:

Have yourselves a great day, and Happy Jamming!

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  1. Wow, nice fact! And word! Actually, a very strange word! Have you used the word " equanimity" yet? It means being calm and even-tempered!

    1. Equanimity, eh? No, I have not used it! I will be sure to use it in my next post!


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