Quitting Animal Jam

Hello Jammers, Arcticstar here. I thought that it was about time that I discussed a topic that has been on my mind for the past few weeks.

As you probably could tell by the title, I will be quitting Animal Jam. The game no longer interests me, and many of my best buddies are also quitting. It seems that the people on Animal Jam have forgotten the true meaning behind the game: To have fun, learn about the world around us, and make friends. Instead, the game has become a chaotic wasteland of scamming, hacking, desperation, and unkindness. This is not the game I have loved. This is not the game I enjoyed.

Through my experiences on both this game and this blog, I have learned many things, and met many wonderful people. I will never forget the day that I checked my email and realized that I had been accepted onto this blog; one could easily say that it was a whole new experience for me.

Never would I have thought when I clicked that first Animal Jam advertisement in November 2013, that I would be opening a door into a world in which I never knew. A world full of wonderful people online, whom of which I will never meet in person or speak to again. It is very sad, really. Some of the most generous, kind, and wonderful people I have ever met were on this game. It seems that all this has had a greater impact upon me than I could ever have imagined.

There have been people who have supported me since the very beginning, and I am grateful for them. So here we are. Thank you to:

  • Pumaa
  • TheSlidoo
  • Mldriver
  • Krazygirl
  • AwesomepandaBunny
  • Misterchunkybuddy
  • Akachip8967 (who I think has been hacked)
  • ShadowCharizard
  • Cutepups522
  • Cloudclaws
  • EternalMyth

The list just goes on... If I were to list everyone, I am afraid that it would take up an entire separate post.

All these people, and countless others, have impacted me in ways they can scarcely imagine. They have shown me kindness, and have been wonderful people to everyone around them. I now speak directly to each of you reading this post: Thankyou for everything, and it was an honour knowing you. You have done great things for me, and for that I am truly grateful.

And so, for the last time:

Happy Jamming.

Thank you all for inspiring me to do my best in all that I do.


Ha! You have been April Fooled! Did I trick you? I hope I did :D

As if I would leave with such short notice! Fortunately (or unfortunately?), you will have to put up with a lot more Arcticstar for a looooooong time! Muha ):D

I just feel so evil right now, it is insane! Heehee... Okay this post may have been a little bit ( a lot) mean... Sorry if I scared you. And if I got your hopes up, (well, you are a bundle of joy XD) sorry to you too!

Anywho, how's about we get on to the REAL post, eh?

Today in the wonderful world of Jamaa, I bring you three returning items: The Wacky Item, The Silly Item, and the Zany Item! These things always used to scare me, to be honest... A falling anvil? An alien abduction? A missile thingie? How on Earth are these things safe?! XD Be sure to pick these items up today in Jam Mart Furniture!

Next, we have some posts from the Daily Explorer that we missed for the past few days:

A fabulous otter wearing the Monday Rare can be seen in Monday's Daily Explorer post! This could make a pretty cool superhero, if you get the items to make more sense... Super Otter! Check this post out right here!

Taken from the Daily Explorer

We also have Tuesday's Daily Explorer post. It seems that there is a new Tierney Thys about how Jellyfish see without eyes! I should really watch this video... I have always wondered how this works! Be sure to check out this post and find out how here!

And now it is time for: THE FACTUAL PART OF THIS POST!!

Our word of the day:

Brouhaha: An uproar or hubbub.

Isn't this just a great word? Just imagine this:

Evil Genius: Finally, I have finished my evil masterplan!
Henchman: There will be a great brouhaha!
Evil Genius: Brouhaha, MUHAHA

Such perfection is hard to achieve!

Our fact of the day:

It seems that many cultures have had silly festivities around Springtime! In fact, the Romans had a holiday called Hilaria (hilarious, right?) in which they celebrated laughter and such. This took place on March 25, which is quite close to April Fools, is it not?

Perhaps this Hilaria holiday was an ancient predecessor for April Fool's Day!

Happy Jamming to you all!


  1. Oh my gosh, you scared me so much in that first part of the post. XD But I loved the rest of it! :D

    1. ikr! she fooled me too XD

    2. awesomepandaBunny AJJune 1, 2015 at 10:30 PM

      ARCTIC, U SCARED THE JELLY OUT OF ME >.< I was like" NO ARCTICSTAR IS QUITTING MOM!!" and she was like "who's arcticstar?" and me: SHE IS ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS ON ANIMAL JAM!" mom: "oh no" and I scrolled down, sobbing, and then the tears of despair turned to joy. ='D and I was heartbroken and touched that u put my aj on there :D

    3. Aww, thank you so much Awesomepandabunnt, you are too kind!

  2. To be completely honest here, I DID fall for that fool. Because on my Blogger Dashboard yesterday, I saw the preview of this post but couldn't click on it to continue reading the post, and it was March 31st. It was very suspiciouso.

  3. Also Arctic, could you check your forum messages? I finally replied to your really old message

  4. I saw this post earlier in my Blogger feed when I was writing for the Animal Jam Players...
    Me: OMG, no!
    Today's April 1st...
    Hehe, nice one Arctic. xP


    Well, at least you ain't quitting and that my name is on the list! :D

    But I agree with you in the joke, AJ didn't turn the way we wanted it to go to. There's so much drama in this game and sometimes you can't trust anybody. I'll keep playing until I end high school. MUAHAHAHA!!! But seriously though. At least there's still one year left, so there's still a long way to go!


    *runs into a corner and cries for 2 hours*

    ~A fooled and annoyed Krazy

    1. P.S.- I wasn't scared about that April Fools joke because most people quit for the same reason or just at teenage years. I understand because peeps get tired of playing a game after a while. But yeah, I was still fooled... XD (I like friends who are just hilarious!)


    2. True, true. I did put some of my actual feelings within the joke- the whole AJ not going the way it was supposed to and such.

      I want to keep playing for as long as I can, but that would mean only another year or two is left for me as well.

      *runs and cries in the corner with Krazy*

      - Arctic

  6. You tricked me, wasn't expecting this on April 2nd! XD

    Sorry for abandoning this blog for so long, are there any admin things that need to be done?

  7. i hope this isn't a late april fool's joke. and if it is, thank you for all your time making animal jam and this blog a better place. without you, many bloggers who come here wouldn't here. although this makes me sad, it feels good that you expressed how you felt. thank you, arcticstar :)

    1. wait that was an april fool's joke! darn! i can't beleive i felt for it! i only noticed the quitting part of the post.

    2. Admittedly, this is the first time I have ever successfully April Fooled people XD

    3. Nonetheless, thank you for your kind words!

  8. Articstar.... Warrior cats?! Might... anyway, I love your blog, and I LOVE the fact that you update it SO often. Peace. User is poufty1 ppl buddy!

    1. I have never actually read the Warrior Cats Series, to be honest. My username was simply chosen as a nod to Canada and Astronomy!

      Also, thanks you for your kind words!

  9. Lol, you scared me too! But, I read your most recent post... so yeah, half did, half didn't!

  10. Hey, what about good, (not) old Ferretlove? Hmmph!
    ~~~~~Ferretlove, New Queen of Jamaa~~~~~~

  11. You are so rude i was with you since the beginng you you

  12. Oh my Stars (i'm not allowed to swear, DEAL WITH IT) You scared me!!!

  13. I am sorry everyone i dont have anything kind heart i am just totally bad jammer and i am so sad i am always too not kind jammer :( please i am sorry for being mean because i almost blocked some a 1 jammer then i unblock too because i.. know now being good jammer and also please report this jammer that who scamming her user is: armina60258 she also said she lost her freedom bands and she said i am her best friend then she lied i accept her trade and then she unbuddied me thats a scam pleasr report to be suspend the jammer.

  14. Hi plz buddy me Arctic plz I hope u don't quit

    Runs in corner and hugs Arctic and Krazy

    ~ Rarebatwings

  15. Oh gawd ur so scarey D:



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