Jamaa Journal Vol. 143

Greetings Jammers! Arctic here! Today, I shall bring you an Mldriver Style post! Let's get going!

Ah, and here we have the first page of the latest edition of the Jamaa Journal. And how exciting! It looks like we've got a new animal coming, but we will get to that later. This page is talking all about the new seasonal adventure: The Spring Festival. This adventure is great, and gives adorable seasonal prizes! If you would like to see some of the prizes, a lot of them are in my den at the moment. Feel free to stop by, my den is always unlocked! Back to the adventure. It is a great adventure, but I sure do wish AJHQ would release another real adventure instead of all these seasonal ones. One the upside, the prizes and music are great on seasonal adventures! Anywho, let's check out the second page!

The second page is talking all about the new set of den items: Deep Space. I think this was the one I had voted for, actually! These items would look good in a Sol Arcade Den, especially since the Sol Arcade den is space themed! I don't have plans to buy the items though, my inventory is full! I should probably make a storage account... Maybe call it: TheArctictarage? (get it? arctic STAR? storage? STARage? okay that was a bad pun). Anywho, I will talk about these items later in the post!

Next, we see that Polar Bears will soon be leaving Jamaa. Hmm, what is with AJHQ making all these diamond shop animals leave (not that I have a huge problem with that XD). Could it mean that tons more diamond shop animals will come? (please no) Anywho, be sure to pick one of these guys up before they leave!

Next, we have a new animal coming soon! I am guessing it is a gecko. Want proof?

  1. Colours of picture and foot print shape match up with that of a green gecko
  2. The first AJ video in Sarepia Theatre was the gecko video
  3. There is a gecko banner
  4. There are gecko plushies
  5. There are leaked images of unreleased pet geckos!
My only issue is, aren't geckos super tiny? Would it be possible that AJHQ would release such a small animal? Or is this just a coming soon thing for PET GECKOS? Hmm... Anywho, here is the page, and a picture of the leaked pet geckos!


Now, let's move on to our items!

Nice items! Be sure to get them today in Jam Mart Furniture. Goodness, though, 750 gems? AJ items are getting pricy!

Next, we have a few new Daily Explorer Posts to look at:

First, one regarding Jammer Art: Phantom Eggs! How cute! Congratulations to all those who made it in! Check out the full post here!

Next, we have an AJHQ spotlight featuring the saltwater crocodiles of Crystal Sands! Be sure to see the post, by clicking right here!

Continuing, we have the announcement of our Jammer Snaps: Favourite Adventures winners! Congratulations everyone! You can read the full post here!

Phew! Lastly, we have double gems on the game: Overflow (located in Crystal Sands). Be sure to play the game, as its only for a limited time that it goes on double gems! To be honest, I like it best when Best Dressed goes on double gems, because you can earn A LOT with just a few winning rounds! Check out this post here!

As I said before, this is an Mldriver Style post, though I admit, it is only the frame that is Mldriver Style XD. Anywho, here is the True/false question of the post!

*drumroll please*

An octopus has two hearts.

Tell me your answer in the comments, and we can all learn a little something today!

Finally, the gif of the day!

Eh, not much to say about this one XD Such fabulousness! 


That's all for today, folks! See you tomorrow!

Hello! Feel free to contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !


  1. Hello Arctic! I apologize for not being able to post. My computer decided not to work!

    My Spring Break started Thursday. And today at 7:30 p.m., I'll be boarding a plane to Oregon. And I will come back next Saturday. I don't know if I'll be able to post or not there. I don't know if there is wifi at the hotel we are staying at... just so many things! What should I do?

    1. Hello Driver (I have finally come up with a nickname for you, muha)!

      That's fine, sometimes technology just gets all stubborn and evil on us. When you arrive at where you are staying, I am sure that you will be tired from the flight, but if you can, could you send me an email if there is wifi? If you do not send an email, I will know there is no wifi :)

      If you can't post due to the lack of wifi, I completely understand. And, don't worry too much about the blog while you're there- enjoy the vacation, you deserve it, especially since you covered for me the entire time while I was in Japan!

      - Arctic

    2. Oooh, I love Oregon!
      (I live there, sooo...) xP

  2. Sorry for not commenting about yesterday's April fools but . . omg i was totally fooled. XD I agree with the quitting note though.. too many scammers and drama on AJ. :C Im probably gonna continue playing for 2 years though, or maybe even 3. I dunno. :P

    the moon thingies are cool, but expensive. >.<

    1. To be honest, that was the first time I had ever successfully pranked anyone XD

      I agree. Many of my actual thoughts were written on the fake quitting note. I am also planning to continue to play for another year or two, and if lucky, three :3

      - Arctic

  3. false an octopus has more than two hearts creepy right?

  4. Hey Guys!

    I just finished my rare item generator!

    Try it out at:


    1. You are such a hypocrite. You're saying you want to help the people who have been scammed and hacked, yet you are going to hack the people who give out their information for your "rare item generator". Required to give their password as well as their username to a complete stranger? That just blinks "Hack my AJ account and personal information, stranger!" People like you make me sick. :T

    2. I agree completely with Anonymous. This is very hypocritical and disgraceful of you. Claiming to help the innocent, yet scamming them? Not cool. Anywho, be sure to keep in mind for the future that nothing good comes out of scamming and hacking, ESPECIALLY not lying!

      On that note, you should probably not be advertising things on this blog, good sir. Especially on this particular blog which is very against scamming and hacking. Hopefully you learn that this is wrong in the future.

      Have a great day!

      - Arcticstar8404, AJC Author

    3. Thank you for supporting and agreeing with me, Arcticstar. I just can't stand all these "AJ rare item generators."

  5. Invincible_ShadowsMay 23, 2015 at 9:40 PM

    I hate that people fall for the generators and wonder what happened to their AJ or email. It sucks.


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