I am sick

Hello Jammers, Arcticstar here. Sorry for the recent lack of posts. Allow me to explain:

I am currently sick. I have not had time to post because of this. That being said, I will also be unable to do a proper post for today- I do not have enough stamina to write one at the moment.

I hope you understand! I will get back to posting as soon as I get better!

Contact me at arctistarjamaa@gmail.com


  1. I find it creepy that you're sick and xXSmileYouAreBeautifulXx from the Animal Jam Spirit are both sick... on the same day... O-o

  2. Aww, feel better. >.<
    I also read that on the AJS. It's very creepy now. *shudders* :(
    By the way (if it's okay to ask), what happened to your blog, TheHipsterPanda? I loved checking it every (or most) day for the daily smile. :c

    1. Cutepups, I'm currently trying to sort out my blog. Someone must have figured out my Blogger account password and deleted the AJP, but they must have also changed the password because I am no longer able to log in, thus no longer able to post. It's a long story, and I'm currently working on fixing it.

    2. Ohh... A hacker, huh. Sorry to hear that. I was confused that the blog suddenly got deleted.

    3. Yeah, I'm working on getting everything restored. Luckily, Blogger allows you to back-up blogs within 90 days of the deletion period, so I think everything will be okay.

  3. i got sick on friday :(

  4. I'll miss u! So much sick people... ��


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