Egg Nest Hat (d'aww), Satellite, Space Commander Chair, Daily Explorer Posts, Experiment Results, and Jammer Sundae #28

Greetings, Jammers! I hope your week has been splendid so far. Let's get on with the post, shall we?

First up, we have the new (and cute) Egg Nest Hat! What a cute, and wonderful spring item! The birds in the nest are adorable, and actually look a lot like how I like to draw cartoonish birds. Perhaps the only issues with this item is that a) it is for members only, and b) the nest has hatched birds not eggs, but that is just me being nitpicky. I'm sure this will look great on any Easter-themed look, so I suggest you go buy this item for 550 gems in Jam Mart Clothing!

Next, we have two great new additions to the Deep Space den item line. Introducing the Space Satellite and the Space Commander Chair. My first question is... Why is this for members only? Honestly, the only two non-member items in this set so far are prints! Prints as in tracks on dust! Not very exciting if you ask me. Shame AJHQ! Anywho, these aren't bad items in themselves. My only question is... If the Jamaasians are able to create such modern and futuristic items, how is their society not so advanced? What is this logic?! WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?! SOMEBODY TE-

Err, Arctic, you are getting off topic. This is a game about Animals and learning about the environment, so the small details about its technology are not important.

Oh... Well then...

Anywho, be sure to buy these two great items today in Jam Mart Furniture!

Next, we have a Daily Explorer Post to talk about! This one is an AJ Academy Post about making paper plate sundials- pretty cool if you ask me. The science of the sundial has always had an appeal to me. I might actually try this someday, if I can find a paper plate! Be sure to check out the post here!

Taken from the Daily Explorer

Next, we have the results from yesterday's Experiments with Arctic, where I give you a task, and you all try it out, so that we can test and approve of it! The topic was:

All in all, we had rather mixed results:

As for me:

In the end, I think we can conclude that this does not work very well, either that, or we are all in the 30% minority!

Thank you to all that participated, you are now part of the AJC Experiment Crew, go give yourself a pat on the back! I will release another Arctic Experiment on tomorrow's post!

Now, it is time for the greatly anticipated:

This week, I thought, what better way to enjoy the Easter season than to have an Easter animal (kind of) themed Jammer Sundae?

First, though, you must respect the overlord of all evil!

So that is where all the colourful eggs come from! The Easter Kitty!

That explains a LOT about the colourful eggs:

Why this? Because I can!

That's all for this week, folks! Join me next time for another Jammer Sundae!

Now, it is time for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:

Clishmaclaver: Casual chat

What a cool word! I'll have to add this one to my vocabulary list!

Our fact of the day:

On average, a cat spends 2/3 of each day asleep. That means, that a nine year-old cat will only have been awake for 3 out of 9 years of its life!

Somedays, I wish I could sleep that much!

Happy Easter Everybody!

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  1. Thanks for adding my result. It felt so weird lol.
    The Easter Eggs have hatched! :O

    1. You are quite welcome, thankyou for helping out!

      Quick! What do we do with all these birds?!

    2. We keep them. I don't know sorry lol. They'll make my life much more exciting.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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