Jamaaliday Gift 2 & RIM: Snowflake Cake

First off, the new Jamaaliday gift from December 2 is 300 gems:

I always like the actual gifts better than gems, I guess because you can earn gems so easily.

Also, it seems many Jammers are having trouble even opening their gifts. AJHQ did a very bad job designing the gift opening page.

You have to click the arrow above the present in order to open it. Otherwise you will get a message like "You cannot open this gift for 10 days".

Moving on, today we have a Rare Item Monday! It is called the Rare Snowflake Cape and it is sold in Jam Mart Clothing:

Personally I think a Cape should be for Nonmembers too. Oh well.

I hope you all are enjoying the Jamaalidays! And since AJHQ did a surprise update yesterday, maybe AJC's winter theme will be up early!

And if you want you can answer this Comment Question:
What is your favorite holiday in Jamaa?
I really think mine is the Jamaalidays. I love snow, and the Jamaaliday designs are really awesome!



  1. My fave is also Jamaaliday´s, but I love the happiness of Lucky Day.

    1. Yeah Lucky Day would probably be my second too.

  2. I like Lucky Day and The Night of the Phantoms. It's pretty cool how they change the music and it's all dark and scarily silly!

    1. I agree with u. Add me : angdi. My rares got scammed :(

  3. What is the gift Dec1st ?? Plz answer my question.

    1. Zach94 posted it:


  4. I had this problem and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get it 2 work!


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