Deer Antlers

Hey Jammers! Today a fantastic new item has been released in Jam Mart Clothing: the Deer Antlers!

These antlers look fantastic - maybe even better than the old Antlers and Gazelles Horns! Now boys can feel comfortable being a deer too. ^.^

Don't they look great? I'm also wearing the Deer Fur from yesterday, they make a good combination. Now, I want to ask you this, do you think the new Deer Antlers or the old Antlers look better on deer? Here they are side by side (Deer Antlers on the right):

I would say the Deer Antlers, since the others are a bit exaggerated and curly. I've always liked the realistic items more. Also, on The Daily Explorer, AJHQ has posted a new News Crew!

This one is about New Years resolutions. Did you notice how when AJHQ takes a screenshot, they always hide their username? I guess they don't want to be crowded...

Well, that's all Jammers!



  1. Thy hide the username for safety reasons. There's a lot of people reading the blog outside of AJ and all that's necessary is your animal name. It could be unsafe if a random person knows your username.

    1. It would be unsafe if someone is trying to find out personal info about you. They can search the username online and access social pages and accounts, and will try to guess passwords.

    2. Your username is available for anyone to see anyway though...

  2. Hi Pumaa! I'm Stang, the author of Animal Jam Buddies.
    I put your blog's name and link on my blog, so may you put my blog on your blog roll? Thanks! :)
    My Blog:

  3. The new antlers look rlly good! And they work better 4 more colorful outfits! ;D

  4. I think the old antlers look better. And also i am
    Splashmore so be free to trade for my black deer fur if u want!
    Btw love the blog


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