Jamaaliday Gift 17 & Gingerbread Garden & More

Hey Jammers! Today, ever Jammer has received 800 gems from Mira! That means that so far Mira has given 3,600 gems to everyone!

As for new items, you can find the all new Gingerbread Garden in Epic Wonders.

All of the garden items are very useful if you want to make you den more fancy. In Bahari Bargains, we have the returning Candy Cane Crown.

Meanwhile, on The Daily Explorer, AJHQ has posted about Bald Eagles! Click for a larger size:

I'm glad Animal Jam is around to help endangered species. We need to be caring for our world, not destroying it!

Well, that's about all for today. I'm sorry if my posts have been boring you lately - I'm waiting for the poll on the sidebar to end so that I know how you want me to post each day! Then I can start posting more interesting things again. :)



  1. Only a Day left on the poll!

  2. That was the 1st eagle hint!!! Yay!

  3. I want an garden so bad any garden spooky garden royal garden trade or send im Doomhall.

  4. wheres the Ginger bread garden...?


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