Animal Jam has released their newest animal, the DEER!
Unfortunately I no longer have access to the program I used to use to show the animated actions of the animals, but here is what the deer look like in action:
In the comments, let us know about some of the coolest looking deer you have seen so far in Jamaa! What do you think of the new addition to the AJ crew?



  1. They have some of the best dance and play actions of any animal, I think. Unfortunately they are supposed to look "dainty", so AJHQ is clearly making them more for girls.

  2. I like them, but I agree with Pumaa. I do think they're otherwise awesome! I have million deer in my backyard, and that sees exactly like them! other than their eyes widening and looking back and forth, they just prance away.

  3. These deer look rlly gr8 n TONS of different items!

  4. I like how to deer are really tall so you can actually SEE the items! And how they prance around :P


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