Jamaaliday Gift 12 & Gingerbread Tree

Hey Jammers! Before you read this post, would you mind answering the poll to the right? Right now, the answers are too close to make a decision. So go ahead and vote!

Today, for the 12th day of the Jamaalidays, Mira has given every Jammer an Anemone Head Bow!

Unfortunately, this item is for underwater, and, on top of that, boys can't really use it, haha.

In Jam Mart Furniture, we have the returning Gingerbread Tree!

Isn't this a cool item? It's quite big, too. It makes a good decoration, especially if you have the Gingerbread House den.

Speaking of dens, AJHQ has posted the new Jammer Snaps assignment! It's about decorating you den for the Jamaalidays, so be sure to check it out on The Daily Explorer.

Also, it seems the Epic Seasonal Tree has changed again, this time for the Jamaalidays!

That's about it Jammers! Thanks for reading!


1 comment:

  1. The Epic Seasonal Tree I thought, looked rlly SWEET n Jamaaliday mode! Haha!
    And as u can c, I like cheesy puns so... ;)


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