Rare Hat & Beard, North Pole, Snowflake Tiara, and more!

Season's Greetings! Have you seen the new Animal Jam Community Theme? Very festive!

Today is a new day, meaning plenty of new items to post about! Today also happens to be Monday, which means new Rare Items! Let's hurry and see what we have today, shall we?

Our Jamaaliday Gift is the North Pole- too literally! Get it? It's a pole, leading to the North Pole, and it is in the North, making it the North Pole? I give up.

I am loving these gifts! They are for all Jammers, and pretty good looking too! Oh look, there is even a cupcake on the bottom of that pole!

We have three new items sold in Jam Mart Furniture: The Winter Mailbox, The Jamaaliday Planter, and The Wood Log Bench

Good job AJHQ! Every item you have released this month have been very good items!

Next we have the Snowflake Tiara sold for 1,250 gems in Jam Mart Clothing. This item isn't too bad actually, go and be royal with this new item!

Now let's go see our rare!

Amazing news: it is non-member, not too expensive, and relatively good looking- we have a winner! (of what?) My only slight problem is that it looks almost exactly like the regular hat and beard. If you want the same thing (practically) just buy a regular one! Still, a rare is a rare. And a non-member rare is an amazing rare!

Today is a great day!

And now for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:

Sempiternal: Eternal and unchanging; everlasting

Wow. That is a beautiful word, far stronger and more meaningful than 'forever'.

Our fact of the day:

111,111,111 x 111,111,111= 12, 345, 678, 987, 654, 321

Go try it!

That is all for this Monday, folks! See you soon!

Feel free to contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com


  1. That's so cool how that math equation works!

    1. I agree, numerical palindromes are extremely fascinating- personally I think even more fascinating than palindromes in words!

  2. cool! i wanna ask a question, should i start a blog? i dont know. Thanks. Plz reply


    1. I would say yes, the rewards you reap are very pleasing. It does, however, depend on your schedule and your commitment. Before starting a blog, try to think about if you can handle posting, and if you are committed to doing it. If the answer is yes, go start a blog- it's all uphill from there!

    2. Thank you for the kind reply. I think i may wait until i get less busy in life. Thanks!


  3. Please check out my guide for AJ items. It is new and I want to make it a good resource for everyone that plays AJ. Feedback is appreciated. Thx - Cripsyfoot



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