Anemone Head Bow and Gingerbread

Hello Jammers! Welcome to another post!

The Jamaaliday Item today is the...

It's another returning item. However, it does seem to be popular among Jammers. What do you think? 

We also have two new items in the shops!

The Gingerbread Tree house is back! I remember this was a Monthly Member Gift, one of the firsts ones I got. I don't get the pet tree houses. They can't interact with it. What I mean by this, is that the pets couldn't swing on the donut by their selves 

The Candy Cane Tiara has returned to stores...

A candy princess?! I have always loved the way that this item looks. It's unique. You can get this lovely non-member item in Bahari Bargains.

Now it's time for weekly wrap up.

Monday: Rare Beaded Necklace was released!
Tuesday: Gingerbread Stream was released!
Wednesday: Jamaaliday Scarf is returned
Thursday: Update to Jamaalidays
Friday: Jamaaliday Jingle released in the diamond shop!

That's all for today folks! Come back tomorrow!
See you in Jamaa
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