Bag of Gifts & Jamaaliday Scarf

Hello Jammers! How are you?

The Jamaaliday Daily Gift is.....

The Bag of Gifts! I think that these were released all years of the Jamaalidays. Am I right?

We also have the Jamaaliday Scarf, now in stores! It's located at the Shiveer Shoppe aka Cocoa Shack.

It seems like a lot of people enjoy this item. I see them everywhere! It's great to wear, and it's in style. :3

The Daily Explorer also posted about Jammer Art!

Good Job Jammers! Also, I decided to write something up for the News Crew! Does anyone know when they usually post about it? Mines really fabulous (just kidding). 

The Jamaaliday Shop is back in the Diamond Shop! Get these awesome items while you can! I would wait though, just in case some of them may come back. :)

Alright, that's it for today! Remember the update is tomorrow, I will be posting for it. 
See you in Jamaa!
Contact me with any questions or comments here,


  1. A news crew assignment is posted every few weeks. They tell you what to write about, though it would be a stroke of luck to have already come up with an article about the same theme they tell you.

    1. ooh thanks! that helped me out a little, i kinda dont know AJ too much


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