Evil Snowman Fridge, Snow Fort Pennant, and Jammer Sundae #17

Greetings! Today we have another Jammer Sundae, but before that we must post about what we need to post about!

We have an unspeakably evil gift today- I do not blame you if you are terrified of it. Behold! The Snowman Fridge!!!

Look at that evil face- turn your back on it and it shall surely plan your demise! You may laugh now, but I know pure evil when it looks me right in the eyes. Just you wait, you, evil fridge you! You may smirk evilly at me now, but just you wait! Mark my words, 'snowman', your end is nearer than you think!

Do not question my perception of the world. It is for your own sake.

Your end has come!
Yes, I have issues. No, I do not feel the need to sort them out right at this moment.

Next, our new item: sold for 400 gems in Jam Mart Furniture: David Tennant, the Snowfort Pennant!
This item is non-member, colour-changable, and overall not bad! Even if you don't use it for snow forts, you can still use them as regular flags! I even got a yellow & black one myself!

It is now time for:

This week, we will look at photos of cute animals, and die of cuteness! Only joking, though we will be viewing: Cute Animals!

"Is it safe to touch the ground?"  

Next, we need to be very quiet, as some little guys are asleep!

How adorable!

Next, we have some ducks going for a swim:

Finally, a photo that tops all:

"They call me..."
*dramatic pause*
El Guineo!

And now for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:

Vocation: A strong feeling of suitability for a particular career or occupation.

How fascinating it is, that you change one single letter of a word, and you get an entirely different meaning! Vacation and Vocation have entirely different meanings, yet are spelled almost the same!

Finally, our fact of the day:

You held a world record once- the second you were born, you held the record of being the youngest person on Earth! 

Go on, think about it!

Adventure Awaits!

Send me an owl at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com


  1. How do I send you an owl via email?

    1. A picture of an owl perhaps? It is more of a metaphor meaning 'send me an email', just like give me a shout means give me a call.

      I would be very impressed (and amused) if anyone actually sent me a picture of an owl, though!

    2. That fridge is very creepy! How would someone get the sticks glued perfectly to the fridge?

      I do wonder if decorating fridges is a hobby someone does...

    3. Did not mean to reply to this discussion, sorry!

    4. Ohh okay..

      It's okay, Mldriver!

    5. @Mldriver

      I told you! Pure evil! I believe there actually might be a fridge-decorating hobby out there- you never know!

  2. El Guineo!!! The Jammer Sundaes were SO adorable.

    ~piggoesoink :P

    P. S.- I just found this website and I love it. I really like that you update it every day. You guys are really dedicated to informing jammers about Jamaa. :D

    1. El Guineo, yes! Muha! I agree, animals are very adorable!

      I am pleased to hear your positive reviews for this blog! Mldriver works very hard in her posts- and they always turn out wonderfully!

  3. Oh no I just thought of something!
    What if the snowman is wiring with the yeti??? And they're planning to take over Jamaa?

    ~piggoesoink :P

  4. Hey, ArcticStar, I have a few cool fun facts here.

    1. There is a city named Rome on every continent.
    2. You can't kill yourself by holding your breath.
    3. In Iceland, it's against the law to have a dog as a pet.

    I got these from http://www.world-english.org/facts.htm

    ~piggoesoink :P

    1. Oh gosh sorry, the fact about dogs is false. That's what I get for not reading all the way to the end… XD

      ~piggoesoink :P

    2. Thank you piggoesoink! I may include one of these in my next post!

  5. Nice! I like all kittens (Mostly Pusheen the cat)


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