Going Over The New Update (100,000,000 Jammers)

Hello people... it's Penguin again... I have, in my opinion, a lack of unique post intros. So I'll just use this sentence and the one before it as my intro. Is that satisfying enough?
I hope so! Let's get right into the post, lol. Thursday there was a new update on AJ.

So there are now 100,000,000 registered accounts on AJ. I'm assuming a few or more million of them are storages, but who cares? That's still a large amount of people to be playing an online game these days. The rest of the update was ok, I guess. The new den is just the default with some leaves. The background is the best part of it. Anyways, I'm glad that the Night of Phantoms is returning; the whole holiday season is honestly my favorite time of year.
On the other hand, I was really hoping there'd be a 100 million banner. Back in 2013, I specifically remember entering a code to get the 10 million banner.
Image result for 10 million banner
It'd be nice to have a banner for each milestone, kind of like the year banners. 
I'm ending this post soon, so what is your opinion on the update? Comment below! I'll see you all in my next post.


  1. Ikr? I really wish they'd have a banner for it, it's kinda weird that they dont

  2. I want a banner too! That's be fun...


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