Ideas for Spreading the Christmas Joy + Won't be as active

:piano playing:
You Guys: huh? What's going on?
Me: I never meant to wither I wanted to be tall, like a fool left the river, and watch my branches fall!
Old and thirsty I longed for the flood to come back around, to the cactus in the Vally, that's about the crumble down.
You Guys: And wipe the mark of sadness off my face! Show me that your love will never change!
You Guys: :whimpers: Sorry
Me: Well you already ruined it!
You Guys: Welp you make your intros so weird, and we're getting sick of it.
Me: Well I suppose you'd like to go read one of Gracie's music intros, or Sarah's weird banana intros?!
You Guys: Yes in fact we would!
Me: Then please don't let me stand in your way ....
You Guys: Not like you could stop us
Me: FINE! Go! I don't need you anyway!
You Guys: Yes you do ...
Me: No I don't!
You Guys: Yes you do, as soon as we go away your going to break down in tears .....
Me: No I won't! Now just go already!
You Guys: Alright then. :walks away:
Me: See I'm not :sniff: crying, :starts to shake: I ... can .... do .... it .... :starts to have a breakdown, and soaks socks in tears: WAAAAAH!
You Guys: :runs back: See we told you!
Me: :holds onto them super tight: I'm like Linus without his blanket!
You Guys: :sigh:

Ok that was long and ... weird. heh, ok now onto the real post The song up there was Cactus in the Vally by Light's featuring Owl City it's a beautiful song :)
Today is so busy o,o We just got done with 3 hours of school aka baking cookies for friends that are coming on Friday.
I have to do a super clean up on my room which I like cuz I can listen to music, turn it up, and sing without anyone hearing me :P
There is a ton of snow on the driveway and we have a really big driveway, it's like a foot deep, and STILL SNOWING So that'll probably take us like 2 hours to do that ....
And I wanna get started on writing my books I've taken like a half a year off.
Now before we get to the real post I wanna say one more thing.
Ok that's all I'm gonna say hehe, ok wait I'M GONNA SAY ANOTHER ONE MORE THING
Those who do not have snow, just come up to me!
We will sled all day, build a giant snow fort!
Ok that's all I'm gonna say hehe XD
Now onto the real post.

as you can tell from the title. Today I will be giving idea for how to spread the Christmas joy! :D
So I'll be quiet now and start.

1. Buy someone something from the Diamond shop.
This one is kinda for memebers but there are some nonmember items in the diamond shop.
Now, I know some of you don't have a lot of diamonds. But those of you that do. I see people quiet often who say something like "Can someone buy me _____ ______?"
It's a good way to make people happy! :D

2. Gifting random people.
If your nonmember just ask someone to put a bad on trade. It doesn't have to be anything huge you give them like a spike. Just a nice little something like a Rare Item Monday

3. Sing Christmas carols in Jamma Township
This might sound kinda weird. But I think it'd be cool to log into AJ, spawn into Jamma Township and see someone singing Oh Holy Night or something don't ya think? :D

That' really all I have for right now, but it's something new to do right?
Now, onto the second part of the post.
As you all know, me and Sarah have snow.
And we love to sled, and make snow forts and all that.
So we will not be online as much, We will still post of course. We just won't be on AJ or anything as much.
Just wanted to tell you guys that so you don't wonder where we are. XD
Also can I ask for prayers for some people?
1 is our neighbor down the street, he's kinda old and his wife died yesterday D: 
There is also this family, they discovered their mom had cancer, and it was already to far to do anything. They have 4 kids and I think they're under the age of 12. So yeah really sad :C
Thanks :)

And that is all for today's post! See ya next tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

*Husky Ninja 


  1. I love Cactus in the Valley! What kind of cookies did you make? I love baking. For some strange reason, my room is never messy XDX. That's the thing about rooms, you can listen to music and scream the lyrics without anyone hearing you. It snowed for me today. Where you live, you get a lot of snow. I love to sled too! :D
    I will put those people in my prayers. <3 I am really sorry for the loss.

  2. Suuuch a good soooong
    Sugar cookies XD
    Heh, well, most of the mess is actually Sarah's but I kick her out of the room. :P
    Yes it's awesome
    Thanks :)
    Also I'm REAAAALLY sorry that I haven't been able to give you your items from the give away I just haven't seen you on
    at all sense you ordered DX
    *Husky Ninja

  3. XD Great post!!! And thanks for tagging me!!!!

    1. Wait. Why did I say thanks for tagging me. 0.0 UM OK IDK WHERE MY HEAD WAS. XD

      Just pretend that I said I love your ideas. XD


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