Meeting Cami On Animal Jam, Dodo Birds Coming to AJ?, And 'Follow Your Dreams' Chapter 1!


You guys: Did Gracie get hacked..? Who is that person..? o.O
You guys: Uhm, just press the space bar..
You guys: Just press that big button on your keyboard..
You guys: Oh my gosh! YOU'RE TYPING ON IT.
Meeee: Ohh! That thing. Okay. (:
You guys: What did you do with Gracie?
Meeee: Uhmm... Ohh... I don't know... *hears door open* GOTTA RUN.
You guys: O.O
Me: Daintysnake took over my laptop.. Didn't she?

You guys: O.O
Me: What?
Me: Oh, my pet seal. You know, the blue one. This lil girl.

You guys: Your pet has her own account?
Me: Yah.
You guys: O.O


Whew! Long intro.. But Sarah will understand it.. Hehe!

Any who, let's jump into todays Tuesday blog post!

As the first part of this post, I will be highlighting a little event that happened to me, while I was playing Animal Jam. 

My buddy, Sy27444, Jam-A-Grammed me yesterday, saying, 'Come find me!'. Unfortunately, I didn't follow her right away (sorry about that, Sy!). But then she came to my den, saying that Cami is online! Sy brought us to The Lost Temple Of Zios, and there, we found Cami Carver herself!

In the photo is Sy27444, Housemom418, Custard709, and me, standing near Cami's pink coyote.

Her coyote is adorable ^.^

Later, we went to Cami's friends den, xgladiolusx!

Gladiolus was having a sleepover with Cami. It was pretty neat seeing Cami's friend, as well with Cami herself!

Cami was going to a lot of different dens, and she ended up going to Housemom's den!

Later, she went to Custard's den as well. It was so neat that she was visiting all of our dens!

She was also giving out autographs, but I didn't get one for some reason. Near the end of our visit, Cami asked who didn't get an autograph. I said 'me', and she sent me this sweet autograph! ^.^

Uh, ignore the JAG from Popcorn4lyfe.. She wanted me to remember her, but I don't know who she is exactly.. It was a very strange thing, which is another story, for another time..

Ja983 stopped by, and Cami also visited her plushie den!

My friends were suggesting to visit my den, but Cami had to go and look through her JAG's I believe.

I thought it was just going to be me and my friends at my den, but then Gladiolus came, and since Cami was next to her, Gladiolus said we could ask Cami some questions, and Cami would answer them for us. Thank you so much, Gladiolus! 😊

I asked Cami how VidCon was, and Cami answered with the following,

I think I had Cami going to VidCon, or JamCon, confused.. Oops..

Asking a bunch of questions.. Hehe.

It's so neat that Gladiolus was having a sleepover with Cami!

Asking more questions..

If I'm correct, I believe Studio C is a comedy YouTube show, with Tim Hawkins, a Christian comedian!

Then, to my surprise, Cami came to my den! I love that mustache. 😋

I quickly changed to my masterpiece den.


Finally loaded..

Oh dear. 😆

Gladiolus had asked, "omg cami when r u gonna shave?". Oh dear, oh dear.. 😆

For some reason, I thought that turning into an outfit with a mustache might get me buddied by Cami..

I'm pretty sure I was desperate.. 😳

Later, Cami and her friend left to see Aparri. It was so much fun being with my friends, meeting Cami! It was an experience I don't think any of us will forget.


The second part of this post, is a little theory I came up with.

Remember how a while back, AJHQ did an April Fool's Day prank, releasing a picture of Dodo Bird's?

Credit to Animal Jam Sky Blog for the photo! 
Well, in Animal Jam Comic Book #0 (of which is a free Kindle/ComiXology Animal Jam Comic Book on Amazon's website), there's an animal on one of the pages, that's unlike any animal we've seen in Jamaa before..

The Dodo Bird! When you compare the April Fool's Day picture, and the Comic Book picture, they look awful similar..

Same neck shape, same beak, same body, same everything.

If Animal Jam put this Dodo Bird in their comic, could this mean Dodo Bird's might one day come? Also the Dinosaur theory I came up with in October.. Could this tie into this one as well? Could there maybe be an 'Extinct Jam' game sometime? Only time shall tell!


And now, for the first chapter of 'Follow Your Dreams'! I think this one will be better then the second book, since the last story was kind of well- all over the place near the end.

Anyways, hope you enjoy!


Chapter 1

It was the beginning of September, and all of the blogger's were back in school, once again. I sat at my large desk, and listened to Christian music as I did my schoolwork. Feeling unfocused, my eyes drifted to the small piece of paper I had on my desk, that I found in my closet last week. The note said 'Don't give up, follow your dreams.' It had me puzzled almost all week, and wouldn't get off my mind. I sighed deeply. "I just don't understand. What does this even mean?" I mumbled to myself in confusion. I slowly picked up the note, and examined it. I noticed a strange signature at the bottom of the note, that almost seemed to be in another language. It looked as if it was in Hebrew, or Greek. I shook my head, and sat the note back down on my desk. It probably mean't nothing, and I was just reading into it too much. A knock on my door broke me out of my daydream. "Come in." I shouted. My Mom slowly opened the door, and stepped inside my room. I paused the music I was listening to, and looked at her. Her face looked serious, and almost nervous. "Gracie.." She said in a low voice. "Is everything alright?" I asked quickly, pulling my ear buds out, and standing up. "Not exactly." She said nervously. We both sat down on my bed, and Mom quickly spoke up. "I was on your blog today, and noticed something, unusual." She said, as she stared at the ground. "Unusual?" I asked her. I felt shaky, and anxiety was building up within me. "Yeah. There was no blog posts, and the comment section was filled with rude comments. But on the side of the blog, it had a strange quote, that said something like, 'Don't give up, follow your dreams.'." She told me, as she walked over to my laptop. "I'll show you." Mom said, as she pulled up a new tab on the internet, and typed in the name of my blog. I was in shock about all of this, and really didn't know what to say. My blog popped up, and I felt like my stomach was in knots. "No.." I was able to mutter. I ran over to my laptop, and sat down in my chair. I noticed that it said the author on the blog was someone named 'DestroyTB'. I wasn't even listed as an author anymore. "This has to be the wrong blog." I told my Mom, in a determined voice. She shook her head no. I gave her a confused look, and looked at the URL of the blog. Tears came to my eyes, as I realized, it was really my blog. The blog me and my friends had put months of dedication into, was now destroyed. But, I too, noticed that little note on the side of the blog, 'Don't give up, follow your dreams.'. "Follow your dreams.." I said under my breath. "What could this mean? And what's that mysterious signature on the bottom of the note I got, with that same sentence?" I asked myself in a low voice. "Just pray about this, Gracie. You and your friends are smart, and I know you guys can figure this out, with God's help." Mom told me with a smile. I smiled back, and nodded. "I will." I promised. Even though it felt like everything was crashing down on me, I had hope, and faith, that God would show me, and my friends how to fix this. As my Mom stepped out of my room, I closed my eyes, and silently prayed.


What do you think will happen next? Will me and the Blogger's be able to figure this out? And what could this strange signature mean? Be sure to comment your guesses down below!


Here's this weeks Bible verse!

Ephesians 2:8

God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can't take credit for this; it is a gift from God.

A great verse, that would be great to memorize sometime!

Remember, God made YOU!

Stay positive, be yourself, and spread God's Word everyday!

P.S. Sorry this post was super long, but it for sure made up for last weeks super short post. 😜



    To bad I had to go, Boo was crying and I had to get him D: XD
    I want to meet Cami so bad o.o XD

    Studio c isn't with tim hawkins, when I said that I meant that in a way it was kind of like it XD (BUT STUDIO C IS AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE)

    FIX DAT BLOG GRACIE *hands a bunch of tools*

    1. XDDD I know, right? I was wondering how Gracie thought Tim Hawkins was in Studio C. XDD

  2. Oooooh, you met Cami!! :O Lucky! :D I'd love to meet her. She's such a inspiration.

    Eeeeep, I don't want a hackerrrrrr! :o

  3. Great post! I think it's awesome you met Cami, and a dodo bird in Animal Jam would be kind of cool.

  4. It'd be cool to have a dodo bird! I remember one time I buddied cami, I think it was her Atleast or something unless I am thinking of someone else but then she unbuddied me shortly after.


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