Lost Track of Day?

     I'm so so sorry, I lost track of the time! I didn't even know it was Saturday, I had a pretty snazzy idea of a post but forgot it -  so wait for a while; while I go get some ideas! - swooshes - 


Jammers I'm back! Today, I will be showing you some last-minute ideas for dens! Let's start boi!

1. Nature House Den

As a non-member we can all make dens like this, first up we have the nature house den. A combination of different plants and some furniture and other necessities!

2. Summer Den

It may be summer to all of you but mine is ending soon! ;c This den here has some variety of plants along with some pets chillin' outside! I don't have any items that's "summery" so I got into this one.

3. Holiday Den

This den broke the rules of the holidays for it has a combination of a ton of holiday items! 

Now, sorry this is SUCH a short post, I wasn't really paying much attention to the days so here I am! Anyways, I am so grateful you reached the end, if you got an idea from this den ideas please gmail it to me for a feature next post!

Gmail me at - firespiritajgaming15@gmail.com


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