Maple Leaf Glasses, More Proof for Peck Theories and the Hidden Pinata Item

Penguin, yes, is finally back!
During October, I was really off schedule, and I don't even have a proper excuse for it. I was just tired of posting. But I've gotten back into it lately and I've been posting much more on The Animal Jam Spring. Now I'm back and ready to post again for the Animal Jam Community. I'm so sorry for the break, but I'll make sure it won't happen again anytime soon.
But, anyways, let's move on from that. Here is today's new item.
This item is cool. Now that Night of the Phantoms is over, Thanksgiving and Christmas are both right around the corner, so these kind of items will be coming out over the next two months.
And here is the Daily Explorer update.
 This challenge is pretty creative. I might actually try it out myself.
Alright, let's move on to the best part of this post. Have you guys heard about all the theories surrounding Peck, a new land, Greely, and all that? Do you know how many times Peck is not included? Whenever someone finds something that could represent the alphas and the part that represents Peck is missing, people believe Peck was captured by the Phantoms. Well, I've found some more possible proof that Peck is missing. These images came from the Chamber of Knowledge.

In the first one, there is a moon and four stars. This is five. But there are six original alphas. Could this mean Peck is missing? Maybe, but it's only one time that five pops up. But wait! In the second picture, the shield is split into five exact parts. I feel like this represents the alphas- but one is missing. Again. Is this just a coincidence, or does this actually have something to do with Peck's "disappearance"?
Finally, nobody else has posted about this on this blog, so I will. If you head to the Pixel Palace den by AJHQ, there is a secret shop in the top right corner. You can access it by clicking on the Pinata there.
The Pinata is slightly hard to see in this picture, but it's behind the Black Arctic wolf. Here is what the store looks like, and what the item in it is.

Pretty cool, huh?
Okay, that's all I have for today's post. I'm glad you guys read it, and I'll see you next time!

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