Leaf Pattern Skirt, Message in a Bottle Item and Party Invitation

It is I, Penguin55544.
My awkward intros are always weird so just ignore them.
It's Saturday! This week has been rough for me. I had two exams this week: for Social Studies and Math. I also have another math exam next week, and after Thanksgiving break I'll have a Language Arts exam. I had to study alot this week, too. But Saturdays are my breaks, when I get to do what I think is fun. So let's begin the post. Here is the new item:
This is an interesting new item! It's based on the Designer skirt, but it has a new pattern.
Secondly, there's a new post over on the Daily Explorer. This is what it looks like.
 Make sure to enter the Diamond Challenge before it's too late!
You guys all probably know about the Message in a Bottle feature. Well, today another one was released. Here is the message it included, and the item you can get today.

Now I believe Greely definitely has something to do with this. The Flowing Lava reminds me of him. Also, the Phantoms are most likely talking about Greely or Peck. What do you think?
Finally, I'm yet another party! It is for the AJ Spring, but everyone can come. It's not really a views party, but for Thanksgiving. I hope that if you come, you'll have a great time!
Okay, that's all I have for today's post. I'll see you guys next time!

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