Pet Hippo

General forgot to post yesterday, so this is a short make-up post!

A few days ago, General got a pet hippo after redeeming a new membership card. Along with the pet hippo came a lot of cool hippo items! This made General wonder if AJHQ is thinking of adding hippos as a future animal...what do you think?


  1. Hippos would be a good animal, but I feel like since we already have the elephants and rhinos they wouldn't be needed. I mean, rhinos are kinda similar. Of course I won't complain if the hippos are cute. Cute hippos would be nice.

    1. Nice idea, i've thought of that before, too.

      I have TONS of ideas for AJ avatars!! Anteaters, Snakes, Beavers, PEACOCKS...

      ( No one take these ideas without giving me credit, please! Thanks! :D )

    2. Peacocks would be fantastic actually!!


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