Paint Stuffs, Clover Stuffs, Update Stuffs, Adventure Prize Stuffs, and Jammer Sundae #25

What a creative title. Definitely not lazy in any way. Nope, not at all. What are you looking at?

First off, I apologize for the lack of posts from both Mldriver and I lately. It seems that both of us have been having exams, and homework (lots of it), and the stresses of school. I will do better, however! Sorry!

Now, as the Art Studio (or Paint Studio?) item set has come to Jamaa, we have a plethora of awesomazing items to talk about. Too bad, though, I had voted for Outer Space. It's great that the majority got what they wanted, however! Let's see now...

*inhales deeply*

In the land of Jamaa today we have 10 new den items and 3 new clothing items (which means we have a total of 13 new items coming at us today, not including the diamond items I need to talk to you about); These are the Painted Rainbow, Painted Heart, Paint Marks, Paint Mixer, Paint Paw Prints, Painters Tarp, Painter's Ladder, Paint Splat, Paint Roller and Tray, and Paint Buckets, which all somehow start off blue (except for the Painted Rainbow). Looks like AJHQ really likes blue, huh?

These can be bought for: 350, 350, 350, 550, 350, 400, 450, 400, 350, and 450 gems in Jam Mart Furniture. Seems like AJHQ also likes numbers that end in 50's don't they? That's a total of 4,000 gems if you were to buy them all!

Alright, round two!

Our three clothing items are the Clover Top Hat (500 gems), Shamrock Glasses (300 gems) and the Clover Bracelet (350 gems)

Right then, round three!

We also have the new (rather) Clover Armour that can be bought for, 2,1,3,1, and 2 diamonds in the Diamond Shop! That's a total of nine diamonds if you were to buy them all!

Onto round four!

You can now buy Diamond Shop Animals from the switch animals page instead of going all the way to the Diamond Shop. The diamond animals you already own have a blue highlight, and ones you have yet to buy have a diamond in front of it!

Round five, now!

The sound for receiving gems has changed in Adventures!

Finally, round six!

Here are the den prizes for the Lucky Clovers adventure. Note that I have doubles of some of them. If you want to know the names of some of them, tell me in the comments and I will be happy to tell you in reply!

Phew, I'm tired. But, we've got to keep trudging along. So without further hesitation, let's move on to Jammer Sundaes!

Those are some fancy eyebrows there:

The popular move now comes in the Pocket Sized edition:

The perfect reaction to getting a treat:

And finally, have you ever watched Looney Toons?
If so, you will understand.

Now for the factual part of this excessively long post!
Our word of the day:

Apposite: strikingly appropriate and relevant

Can you think of a time when something was apposite?

Our fact of the day:

Earthworms can have up to nine hearts.

Because that was completely relevant and necessary XD

Good day!

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  1. Awesome post! Yeah, we all get that moment when there seems to be WAY too much homework and an endless amount of tests. :T

    Haha, that eyebrow dog is hilarious! ^.^

    Wow, worms have up to 9 hearts?!?!



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