Happy Pi Day!

Hello there Jammers! I am back! I apologize so much for the lack of posting recently by myself. And I really appreciate Arcticstar filling in for me. There are a couple of reasons why I haven't been posting. One, are my exams. After a stressful two weeks of studying, I have completed them. The second reason why I haven't been posting is that, I am starting to loose interest in Animal Jam. Don't get me wrong, it's a really fun and great website to play on, but it I have lost some interest with it. That's why I took a bit of a break. Anyways, without further ado, here is my post!

Today is Pie Day! 3.1415! These Pi items will only be in stores for today and tomorrow! So get them while they last! And if you haven't played Animal Jam for very long, than I will let you know that this is the first Pi Day celebration that Animal Jam has ever had! These special items are located in Jam-Mart Furniture!

Animal Jam has been getting really creative lately! And look, they are all non-member. If you don't have enough gems to buy some of these, I will buy them for you at no cost! 

Over at the Daily Explorer, there is a new experiment for you to test out! It's called the Tide Pool Experiment! By the looks of it, it looks really fun to make! However, make sure to ask your parent if you can do this! It looks like it could get a bit messy! o.o

Last but never the least, we have to the True/False questions and the special GIF!
True or False? The Egyptians first came up with Pi. 

And here's an adorable little duck to get your day on a great start!

Have a great day, and see you in Jamaa!


  1. Happy Super Pi Day!

    I learned that Muslims created algebra, and that Egyptians had their own number system, so I'd say true.

  2. Aww that duckie is so cute *w*

  3. AUGH, IDK!!!! Something tells me that it was the Egyptians, but the pi symbol is a Greek letter. So maybe the Greeks invented pi then. Such conspiracy. Not really. Ok. That duck looks adorable!

  4. I like how AJHQ made a pie for today!


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