Flower Crown, Song Poll, and a New Bunny?

Hey Jammers! I apologize for my lack of posting (It seems like I've been saying that a lot lately.). I hope to try to make more longer, and more on timed posts from now on. So, let's get started with the post!

The Flower Crown is today's new item! Many Jammers will be happy they came back because of the little rarity they were gaining while they were gone. Let's be honest, it's a great spring item to wear! And it look's good on most animals. Buy it in Jam-Mart Clothing for 500 gems.

Over at the Daily Explorer, they have a new song poll for you to check out! They are self promoting, "AJ's Greatest Hits". I would have to say "The Story of Jamaa" is my favorite. Click here to a direct link to the Daily Explorer.

Have you seen the Patterned Bunny yet? Will it be a special edition Spring Bunny? If you have no idea what I am talking about, than look!

You can still do this glitch right now! When you click the Tiger to choose an animal, this bunny will appear! Sadly, you cannot buy it, hopefully in the nearby future this will be a feature. 

Last but not least, we have a True or False question, with a GIF!
This is a bit of an odd, and will probably make most people squirmish, but here it is!

Squirrels sweat through their feet.

If you watched a certain Animal Jam video, you'd know this one!

Honestly, this has nothing to do with nature, I just thought is was a hilarious meme:

That's all for today Jammers, See you in Jamaa!

Contact me at: mldriver.jamaa@gmail.com


  1. Haha, I know what video you're talking about. ;3
    Squirrels sweat through their feet: is true.
    That dog gif looks so swag. 8D

  2. I've seen many "rare" people wearing these flower crowns with a spike, worn, etc. I then realized that an item that was in stores last year was considered a beta or something. I'm glad the flower crowns are back, they do look nice! :3

    Oh that voting poll is hard because I love almost all of AJ's soundtracks and music. I decided to not vote for this one...

    Maybe those flowers on the bunny is a new pattern or is AJHQ adding tattoos/marks that animals can wear? I'm so curious but I don't think that it will be THAT exciting...

    Haha! I watched that video yesterday! Squirrels can actually sweat through their feet. It's cool but a little disturbing. :P I don't think humans sweat through their feet, mostly the underarms. Actually, sweat doesn't gross me unless the person sweating had garlic or anything with strong scent (that will make the sweat have a terrible smell). O.O


  3. While reading 'The Story of Jamaa' I suddenly thought of the song 'Story of my Life' and I don't even like 1Direction... xP

  4. Hey guys buddy me .-. Im partyanimal10081. Its no fair that like almost all rares are for members :(I have 1 rare and I gots it FREE!!! I gots it at the trading party. You know the claw at the trading party? I got it from there!!! Wait that means I spents 5 gems on a stupid rare glove ._. Eh its worth it. My den is awesome go check it out plz!


  6. Am I the ONLY person that noticed that when you clicked on tiger it had a bunny and it said octopus?!!


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