AJ is Updating, Cool Downloads, and Wild Explorers Episode 3 *UPDATED*

Greetings Jammers, it is time for me to write my post! However, it seems that Animal Jam is updating, so talking about the new items will have to wait until later. I will update this post at a later time, and add in what I will have missed about the items! Until then, here is the Daily Explorer Update and the factual part of this post:

AJHQ has given us two new Daily Explorer articles to view today! One is about all the free pictures and crafts you can download on the blog, and the second is introducing the 3rd Episode of Wild Explorers, a cute series of short videos starring none other than: Cami! It's great to see that she is in good health, isn't it? Anywho, you can view the post about crafts here, and the post about the new episode of Wild Explorers here! Oh, and click here to visit Cami's channel and see her other Wild Explorer videos!

 Heh heh. I am the link master! Get it? With all these links to different places? I might as well be a portal keeper or something in the Magic Realm! Is that a thing, though? Portal Keeper? Speaking of magic, isn't "realm" a cool word? I think it is! Not only that, think about the power of that title there, it really packs a punch doesn't it? "Portal Keeper". Or maybe, the Grand Portal Guardian of the Magical Realm. Doesn't that sound so cool? Or maybe I am just being weird, and wasting your time with this nonsense about portals... Who knows? Honestly, what is this world, and how do I always seem to get stuck on a tangent in these posts?! Wait... What am I supposed to be talking about? RIGHT! Be sure to click on those three links and check out all they have to offer!

Taken from the Daily Explorer

Alright then. I will move on to the factual part of this post!

Our word of the day:

Betwixt: In between.

I love these types of words. Why? Because they sound so medieval, magical and beautiful, as if you are back in the stories of Merlin and Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The sound of some of these words are so wonderful! I should really start using some of these words now!

Our fact of the day:

DisneyWorld is larger than 17 countries in the world put together.

Not just any countries though, just some of the smaller ones. Wow, though!

That was pretty cool, but pretty useless wasn't it? I suppose you could do something like this with all the information I have been giving you ALL WEEK...


Friend: Hey, what's up buddy?

You: Nothing much, just ameliorating my life. How are you doing?

Friend: Okay then. I am doing great! In fact, today, I was ~

You: Animals can be kind enough to take in other animals. In fact, a family of sperm whales took in a deformed dolphin that was rejected by its own mother.

Friend: That's pretty cool. Anyway, I just got back from ~

You: I know right! I just have alexithymia towards that fact. You know what else is heartwarming? The fact the squirrels plant millions of trees each year just because of forgetting where they buried the seeds!

Friend: Yeah... Can you listen now? I was just in class with the crazy teacher- it was tough. I forgot my protractor, and I got yelled at! It was so embarrassing...

You: What?! How dare you forget the necessary armamentarium for class?!

Friend: Funny... That teacher said that too.

You: That means you missed the fact about giraffes! How dare you, man? You missed the most important part of the lesson! You know, the part about giraffes having 46 centimeter tongues?

Friend: You really aren't helping. Anyway, then I told the teacher I didn't have a protractor, and, oh what if I get in big trouble for this?!


Friend: Okay then... And then, when I got back, we started learning about lobsters. And I was like: Who cares about lobsters right? And then ~

You: Sometimes, frozen lobsters can come back to life.

Friend: What is up with you today? My life is really important you know, and you need to understand that what I have to say is super important and your dumb facts don't really matter okay?

(some friend XD anywho, continuing)

You: Stop being such a ninnyhammer and appersonating yourself will you? That's just not natural. I don't want you to become like those people who think their pets can read their minds- weird.


You: I would suggest that you calm down and be happy about how much you learned betwixt the time we started talking and now!

Friend: You are weird, you know that?

You: You know what else is weird? 17 countries are smaller than DisneyWorld. Cool, right? Hey! Where are you going?

Friend: I'm not going to hang around you anymore today, you are being weird. See you around.

You: Okay!


Hmm... Okay, maybe that didn't help that much. But still, it could come in handy! Not only that, I do things like this quite often:

Friend: So, yeah.

Me: *walks up* It can take up to 70 years for a banana peel to decompose in Antarctica. *walks away*

Friend: Oh...


I am a weird child. Anywho, that's all for today folks. I will be sure to talk about the item at a later time!

Happy Jamming!

Hey! Over here, buddy! You can contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com Did you know?!

And now, we have the update! 

Sold for 450 gems in Bahari Bargains, I bring you the Lionfish Armour! Welcome back this great item. This item is also very popular with members, because they think it looks cool - and I agree with them!


  1. That conversation though. Perfect perfection. *applauds and gives gold star sticker* :3

  2. Animal Jam is STILL updating! The one time this week that I want to log on...

    But great post! It was interesting to read! :)

  3. I just wanna know... what are the 17 countries smaller than Disneyworld?

    1. Good question! I will be sure to search that up for my next post!

  4. My goodness... Why would you need a protractor when you are learning about lobsters and giraffes? This post is ridiculous!


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