Internet Problems

Greetings Jammers! I am afraid that I am having terrible internet connection problems. Animal Jam refuses to load, and I had to try many times just to connect to Blogger. I cannot open any new tabs or reload or anything, it simply will not work!

So, unfortunately, I will not be able to present you with a proper post. My apologies! This reans I cannot also means that I cannot research anything for the factual part of this post, either.

Why, then, is Blogger somehow working? It is very slow, and it is not working properly. My screen keeps freezing, and if I do not work quickly, it will most likely freeze on me again.

So that means I can only present you with the fact of the day. But I will go into great detail this time.

What would happen if the Earth suddenly stopped spinning? 

Well, the Earth would most certainly heat up considerably, and day/night cycles would be out of whack. There would be extremely strong winds, stronger than that of any that could be humanly possible to experience on a properly spinning Earth. It seems that there would be no hope for our planet, right? Don't worry! This will not happen. However, if it did, all hope would not be lost!

Ever our faithful companion, the moon is responsible for the tides on Earth. That means that the moon is capable of more than just floating beside the Earth! In fact, if the world DID stop spinning, the faithful moon would use its gravity to pull the Earth back into its rotating cycle again!

Quite fascinating!

With that, I am afraid that I must end this sad excuse for a post. I am very sorry!

- Arctic

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  1. It's not a terrible post, Arcticstar! None of our computers are perfect, right? :P


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    Getting closer.
    "St. Patrick's Day!"
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    1. Sorry, I didn't mean to make it sound so much like a commercial. I hope it isn't advertising…

      But, if you want a cool hangout during Valentine's Day, then you can come to my den.

  3. Don't feel bad, Arctic! My blogger account has been doing strange things too..


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